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Uncario - Short Film

Uncario - Short Film

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Uncario Short Film - Official Trailer

russian car accident caught on dash cam

Man Arrested & Punched for Sitting on Mom's Front Porch

Sandra Bullock Rapping - The Jonathan Ross Show

Russian Darts

How Rivets Work

DarkenRahl says...

They spread the load out more evenly and provide friction in a larger area than just the bolt / screw. They can also provide expansion to prevent the eventual loosening due to movement (lock washers).

L0cky said:

Good to know.

Now tell me what washers are for.

The Colbert Reports On Nestle's Bottled Water Campaign

DarkenRahl says...

You're not living up to your name, sir.

poolcleaner said:

It's not that I'm against a system that helps the people and protects us from the laws of the jungle via social contract... but what we have in place is broken and continually feeds our cynicism. People don't care any more. (By design?)

I was at a local park the other day -- yeah, I like going outside and not sitting at a computer/television all the fucking time -- and there was a park made in 1976, on America's bicentennial, with a mini lake and river that cycled in water. Lots of animals around: chickens, rabbits, ducks, assorted smaller birds.

And the water, well, it was absolutely littered with plastic bags and water bottles. Fuck my life it was sad and disgusting...

It didn't make me hate all humans, just most of the humans in charge. If they're even human.

The ABC of Architects

DarkenRahl says...

Exceptionally well done little video. We could spend all day arguing about which architects were worthy and which were not, but this isn't the internet, so we won't...

Woodkid - Run Boy Run

DarkenRahl says...

never mind, i was wrong

EMPIRE said:

I was going to say.. "damn.. this Woodkid guy's videos are all the same. black and white, slow motion, and epic as fuck" And i was going to mean that as a bad thing. But fuck it. He should do them all in the same style. It would be his personal seal. And the music is pretty good as well. How long 'till it's being used in a videogame trailer? I give it.... 5 months.

oh, and the kid dressed with that helmet and sword in hand really reminds me of the main character in the game Ico.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - Official Teaser Trailer

Two Westboro Douche Nozzles

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare

DarkenRahl says...

That explains why I know how much it costs to produce a can of Coke.

Oh, wait.

What were you saying again?>> ^bobknight33:
If Coke was the only drink in to have then they would no no issue to set the price high. As soon as a competitor shows up and delivers a comparable product at a lesser price the true price of the product will be discovered.

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