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A brush with fentanyl almost killed this deputy trainee

CrushBug says...

Most of the feedback from the medical community on this issue has stated that it simply doesn't work this way. "Faked" might be over stating it, but let's not ignore the police lying for their own ends as a factor.

For example, one of the feedback items from a doctor was how fentanyl "patches" take about 6 hours for their first effects to start happening, so that is one of the reasons this doctor was very skeptical of this.

When firefighter becomes human flamethrower

SNOWBOARD PRO TINY HOME - check out the sun dial!

CrushBug says...

Very cool, but that whole "get up with the sun, go to bed when it sets" has to be very latitude dependent. Dead of winter here, we only get about 7-8 hours of sunlight, so I can't get 16 hours of sleep each day.

Vox: The technology that’s replacing the green screen.

In Soviet Russia, Faucet drinks water

TIE Fighter Intro

SUV Launches Over Highway Barrier

The Onion's Future News From The Year 2137

Steel Mill Workers Sling Ribbons Of Hot Steel

tagging a company on twitter to complain

Fire Air Tankers Drop Load on Car

CrushBug says...

Water is like concrete. It does not want to get out of your way.

I did a face plant once while water skiing and damn did that hurt, plus I wrenched my shoulder.

Monkey Smells Finger, Falls Out of Tree...

CrushBug says...

This is one of those original videos on the internet. Before video sharing site, before YouTube. This video was passed around at LAN parties and hosted on private web servers and downloaded for about an hour.

What is amazing about this version, is that it is stabilized, as you can see from the E logo that is whipping around on the screen.

That is what makes this a treasure.

720 Ton Dragline Excavator Rescue From Island

Now we can even bowl from the couch

Finnish Bear fight

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