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Amish response to covid

C-note says...

Growing up I lived with an amish family for 2 summers. As a city kid it was one of the first times I experience culture shock. They have their own way. Time and time again they have demonstrated they are willing to die in order to keep doing things their way.

Florida Man Brings Knife To Gunfight

C-note says...

So a man armed with a gun says he was cut off and that's why he followed the guy an escalated the situation. I guess this ended as good as it could considering it was florida.

Crazy Rocketman: Rocketman riding the Rocket Board!

Stealing Homes

This Man Votes

SF Police VS Autonomous Taxi

Tesla stunt ends in crash in Echo Park neighborhood

Golden eagle attacks 8 yo girl

Wolverine Walks By Carrying Goat Head

'You know who I am?': Martin Hyde threatens cop's career

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

C-note says...

"... children of color learn about race from a very young age..."

Children of color have to learn and become experts about race, racism and racists because their survival in america depends on it.

Surveillance video of Brightline crash

C-note says...

There's a chance the car was drug down the track attatched to the front of the train. Maybe.

BSR said:

After impact it took 29 seconds for the train to stop. Engineer will need a cab ride back to the crash site.

Men's quick reaction saves kid

A Crazy Old Man VS Subway Train Doors

Police Arrest Only Black Kid In Fight While...

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