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How to develop a chick from an egg in a clear plastic cup

Wait for it

Ad Astra - Score by Max Richter

C-note says...

You had me at ...
"geometry, music, mathematics, astronomy ...the writing of music is a hybrid activity between something very technical and rule based and computational and also pure chance and randomness and intuition and those things colliding allow us to evoke emotions…"

Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Drunk guy vs Skateboarder

Over dramatic dog faints while a lady tries to cut its nails

notarobot (Member Profile)

C-note says...

Thank You!

notarobot said:

There are commercially available drones that have a large enough cargo capacity off-the-shelf to for delivery of a big enough explosive to start a fire that could be quite destructive if delivered to the right location. Just $5k or $10 will be enough for each aircraft itself. Depending on how close the pilots want to be they could go as cheap as $1k for each drone, maybe lass.

Lucky for the Yemeni the technology in this video won't be available for another 3-5 years....

*quality *promote

The Mandalorian - Star Wars

Girl Catches a Huge Catfish ...

Learn how much penguins can poop!

Tegrity Farms

Kid hides from police in Bend

DEADPOOL 2 Extended Cut from DVD

DALEK Relaxation Meditation for Humans

Florida Cop Plants Drugs At Over 120 Traffic Stops in 1 Year

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