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Oakwood Road Rage

It's just cinnamon

Always leave them speechless

C-note says...

Her ability to respond thoughtfully at the drop of the hat in no way proves his argument right. The risk he takes when being offensive can in some circumstances lead to his death. But some people are willing to gamble with their life and others because they get off on spreading violence and hatred.

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Florida School Shooter was Member of White Nationalist Group

Florida School Shooter was Member of White Nationalist Group

C-note says...

White nationalist ideologies are not just about being anti people of color. In some ways they hate white people who don't agree with their way of thinking even more.

greatgooglymoogly said:

So a white nationalist, but killed white people. I think he doesn't understand his own ideology.

Duniya me Mamta ki Kimat Na Hoti

Rally Crash:Keep Going

Florida School Shooter was Member of White Nationalist Group

C-note says...
MilkmanDan said:

Drudge Report has a link saying that the local sheriff's office has done some investigation and has found "no known ties between the ROF, Jordan Jereb or the Broward shooter."

That doesn't necessarily mean that the connection is false, but terrorist groups etc. have falsely claimed that someone was acting on their behalf or was a member of their group before.

I find Drudge to be a pretty good site to keep in my shortlist for news. Gotta keep the definite tilt to the right in mind, but then again being wary against bias is a good practice in general.

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