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720 Ton Dragline Excavator Rescue From Island

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Will's Father leaves.

C-note says...

This hits home for me. It is a stereotype that is over hyped and excessively portrayed in the media. The truth is there are fathers that want to be with their kids and cannot due to being alienated. To my knowledge there has only been one movie I can recall that shows the struggle of a father trying to have custody of his kid (Kramer v Kramer 1979). Hollywood needs to put out another film to show what it’s like for a father to try and be involved in his children’s life when a narcissistic mother actively fights to prevent it.

Worlds largest nuclear icebreaker doing work

The Bunny Whisperer

The Bunny Whisperer

President Trump presents trophy to sumo champion

Handstand Workout

I immediately regret this decision

Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

Duck family jumps into water


StukaFox (Member Profile)

C-note says...

Truthfully speaking I've been going thru a tough situation these past few months. All the problems of the world lost any significance to me due to what I have to resolve within my own backyard. I use to keep up with global news, politics and current affairs. Now I'm completely wrapped up in settling the affairs of my own house. So the latest videos I've been posting are just me aimlessly filling time getting my mind off heavier issues I'm dealing with.

StukaFox said:

C-Note, thanks for posting this. It's the perfect antidote to all the "world is horrible, people are awful, and we're all gonna die!" videos.

Dog Catches Lobster

Who Paid for Your Coachella Ticket?

GIANT 15 Ft. Great White Shark Bites Chum Bag

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