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Jyoti Ram

Bruti79 says...

I watched part 1 on youtube, and my guess is, he may have another speaker further out, and he's got multiple threads running from them. I think that's why he keeps adjusting the volume, because the bass is trembling the threads and the sticks.

I originally thought he had it anchored to the bike behind him, but people kept walking by.

I love watching these acts, and I love trying to figure it out. I will always watch Fool Us when it's on.

Jyoti Ram

Bruti79 says...

If he's doing it the way I think he's doing it, he has some invisible string set up to an anchor point somewhere. I want to know how he's doing the circling of it with his hands and fingers without flicking the string.

It's a really cool illusion.

BSR said:

Balancing those sticks up at an angle blows my mind along with the floating crystal ball.

Our Forests | Timelapse in Google Earth

Bruti79 says...

I still think about that Simpson's episode with the "In Memory of a Real Tree" gag, and we get closer to it becoming real every day.

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