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Very Fine People On Both Sides, Lee Was The Best General

Best of Enemies Trailer

The Boondocks- Field Slaves

BoneRemake says...

Damn, you sure know what you are talking about, good thing I did all that before I *promote ed it.

BoneRemake said:

aww man... this is WHY you make sure the video works before promoting it...

** edit ** and why its so nice when there is a replacement.

Belushi-murray-aykroyd serving burgaz - SNL

Stringspace - String Quartet Sweet Disposition

Stringspace - String Quartet Sweet Disposition

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Underworld - Born Slippy. NUXX (Live at Fuji Rock) (1999)

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

BoneRemake says...

I have. He is currently trying to build a wooden frame to convert a road bike to an indoor bike, utilizing old Rollerblade wheels and two by fours. I made some changes to the profile to bring back some memories of the good ol' days.

bareboards2 said:

Has anyone heard from BoneRemake lately?

I miss him. He can be a pill and yet he often showed me his creative and caring side.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

No WOrries

Trying to be cool

BoneRemake says...

*promote will probably work. Fuckin' stupid how we can't quality our own videos. Who is the sift to say what I think is quality ? this is just suppression via the higher ups. This is a dent in their kicking can. Downward spiral via moth sciences.

Trying to be cool

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Canadian Election

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health

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