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Magician Shin Lim Fools Penn and Teller

Saving Mr Banks - Trailer (Tom Hanks as Walt Disney)

*CRASH*-------"Yayyy.........Let's CELEBRATE!!!"

BIGGEST CYST ON THE PLANET | Operation "Kill George"

Texas Rail Road Bridge Fire

Can you find what is wrong with this video ?

Leonard Nimoy Vs. Zachary Quinto - Old School Vs. New School

Two buses collide at a chaotic intersection in Dhaka

Plane crash scene from the movie "Flight"

Arkaium says...

I already knew Zemeckis could do a crash scene well from Cast Away, but dayum. Now I want to see this.

Also, while I recognize HOW he lands the plane is a spoiler, and that this is likely the most memorable scene in the entire film, I'd challenge that the trailers kind of already ruin the inverted thing anyways. I didn't see anything here I wasn't expecting, I just never got around to seeing this one because buzz was mixed.

I love how many of Zemeckis' films don't feature a main antagonist. Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Flight... he seems to really enjoy atypical storytelling.

Washing Machine Destruction - (Australian Version)

Removing Billions Of Giant Blackheads

Arkaium says...

Dear god, of all videos to offer a 1080 option for...

And what's with the extremely, high-res macro close-up shots? Look, I know the video title is self-explanatory and I have only myself to blame for clicking, but... man... Some of the skin doesn't even look human.

And is this so serious an issue in India that they have a metal instrument designed solely for it?

To top it off, my computer inexplicably strained to play this one back, as though my PC was trying to spare me the disgust.

I Ummmm Wouldn't Park It THERE Du............(never mind)

Arkaium says...

You can even see the CG vehicle moving ever so slightly (i.e. the camera shake and the CG not syncing perfectly) prior to the fake fail.

Really mediocre, imo.

The Like - He's Not A Boy

Arkaium says...

I find a lot of new music I like here on the Sift. Tried songs from BOTH of their albums and loved both. One is already on the way from Amazon. Great sift.

Best Reaction Ever to an Earthquake

Star Trek TNG - Test Footage

Arkaium says...

The "Picard Manuever" became necessary after Season 3, when a wardrobe redesign made the outfit two pieces and the shirt portion was notorious for riding up at the slightest movement by the actor, particularly standing or sitting.

thefool said:

No shot of Picard pulling his pants straight as he sits down in the captains chair?

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