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Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

00Scud00 says...

I'm thinking we sneak a bit of Crazy Glue in with his next facial treatment and watch him get a proper facelift.

BSR said:

I was sure his face would reach the event horizon and slam into the magnet or his skin would pull away from his skull followed by the iron in his blood.

I was disappointed.

Pet Duck is High On Mushrooms

Space Battleship Yamato Firing Wave Motion Gun

00Scud00 says...

The pistol grip firing mechanism for a weapon of that magnitude has me a little worried.
What did you do to our moon!?
Whoops, I was just cleaning it.

Russian tow truck

QAmom - Confronting my mom's conspiracy theories

00Scud00 says...

I'm surprised that she actually paid up. And if the earth was flat then cats would have knocked everything off it by now. At least according to the shirt a guy at work was wearing.

Mordhaus said:

People believe the earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and that Trump actually won the election. I lost my ability to be amazed at what people will believe a long time ago.

OOCL Durban destroys two cranes at Kaohsiung Port

Men Slap Each Other In Russian Strength Competition

00Scud00 says...

Reminds me of how much I loved using the Pimp Hand from Saints Row 2, I could smack people into the next timezone with that thing.

Swiss hockey coach tells it like it is

AquaSpinner Waterslide - Europe's first Rotating Slide

00Scud00 says...

They've finally found a way to simulate your journey through the intestinal tract of a giant robot, now I can finally die.

Raccoon Gets Stuck in Roof

Huge Lava Fountains In Iceland

Parrot Plays Peek-a-Boo with Neighbors Cat

The Bard: Bards are kind of useless in combat.

Futilitarian sheep rescue

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