In direct response to @spoco2's request, @lucky760 has been putting in some hours to integrate a simple Wiki with VideoSift. It's available here

It's just been switched on, and might be a bit buggy to start with. The VideoSift userbase is integrated with the Wiki - but doesn't yet work with Facebook. To get in and make edits, try logging out of VideoSift - and then logging back in, old school style (no Facebook Connect). You can then log in to the wiki with your username and password that you use on VideoSift. Please note, that the user account systems are just lightly connected - logging out of the Wiki won't log you out of VideoSift.

If you are connected to VideoSift via Facebook or if you are logged into VideoSift with your login/password, you should automatically be logged into the Wiki. Whenever you log out of VideoSift or the Wiki, you will be logged out of both (and also logged out of Facebook if you are connected).

Help us test it out and make some edits - feel free to crib from the various VideoSift documentation pages that are scattered around VideoSift.

Thanks to Spoco2 for thinking of it - and Lucky for putting in the hours to get it up so quickly.

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