Some Guidlines for the War on Terror Channel

Greetings Fellow Sifters and Welcome to the War on Terror Channel!

In light of the serious nature of many of the discussions that will undoubtedly arise on this channel, I just want to lay out a few ground rules that I would be most appreciative if everyone followed:

1. In general, BE RESPECTFUL:
-of one another (no matter how heated an argument gets).
-of all military combatants (this goes for our men and women in uniform AS WELL as those we are fighting- it is important to at least try and understand the motivations of all sides of a conflict if one is to truly understand the root of it, and therefore, work towards a resolution).
-of other cultures, races, and religions (I DO NOT WANT any racial slurs or other forms of intolerance spewed forth in our discussion. It is childish, and counterproductive... please try to grow beyond this).

2. Posting Videos to the Channel:
-please do! Lots of em!
-for videos shot by soldiers, if at all possible, please include the who, where, what, why, and when in the title and/or description and tags of your submission... its just good journalism, and will make what the viewer is seeing more clear.
-please refrain from rampant editorializing in your titles and tags... if the content of the video is meant to push and agenda (like an anti-war song, etc), then let the content speak for itself. Please do not use your titling to skew the viewers opinion of the material, let them decide on their own what it is they are viewing.
-as of now the VideoSift Guidlines state:
"Please do not post pornography or "snuff" films (which we define as the explicit depiction of loss of human life displayed for entertainment).

Note: The presence of human fatality is acceptable and not considered "snuff" if presented as a limited portion of a lengthy educational, informative news report or documentary. Our definition of "snuff" does include but is not exclusive to any short clip in which a human fatality occurs whether or not any victims are actually visible on camera."

This rule is currently under review following a lengthy SiftTalk discussion held about a week ago. However, until the guidelines have formally been rewritten, please continue to follow the current ones in all your submissions.

I think that about does it for now, if there is anything else I think of I will be sure to bring it to your attentions. Thank you.

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