Here is the link to the raw data:

Below are some descriptive statistics for you. When I have time I might do some funkier statistics. Of course, anyone else is welcome to -- the data are there, go crazy! Note that I am going to assume (probably quite wrongly) that the survey sample is representative of the entire sift audience.

  • AGE: About 60% of sifters are aged between 26-35. The most common age group is 31-35. The oldest sifters are around 60. The youngest sifters are under 15.
  • GENDER: 91% of sifters identify as male. 8% as female. 2% as other.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Awww, the most common status (40%) is foreveralone.jpg, "single." But, this is followed closely (31%) by "married" and "long term relationship" (18%). 3 respondents are in a relationship with another sifter. I'm taking that to mean either 1) a threesome, or 2) someone has a delusion.
  • COUNTRY: Over half of the sift live in the USofA. The next largest group is Canada (13%), then Germany (6%), Australia (5%), and the UK (5%).
  • TIME: About 40% of us are on the sift for less than half an hour each day. Another 30% are here between half an hour and an hour. 4 respondents reported 5+ hours spent at the sift on average each day. Fucking junkies.
  • AREA: Over half of the sift spend the majority of their time on the front page / sifted zone. Top 15 is the next hot spot, then Unsifted.
  • EDUCATION: We're an educated bunch. Over half of us have, at least, an undergraduate degree. 13% have a Masters, and about 3.5% have a PhD! Nerds...
  • FOOD: Italian > Japanese > Mexican > Chinese > Indian > Thai. (Although, technically, "Other" was the favourite option.)
  • SPAWNLINGS: Over 3/4 of us are currently barren. 1 respondent has >5 children. Please stop reproducing.
  • RELIGIOSITY: Approximately 2/3 of us are atheists. About 16% are undecided (or other). We have a handful of Christians. We have no muslims.
  • DISABILITIES: 90% report no disabilities. Of those who do, they range from physical through mental, and include one of my favourite responses, "I am allergic to bitches like you."
  • OCCUPATIONS: Lots of people in IT, lots of students, some unemployed, and then a bunch of others.
  • DRUGS: 90% of us have tried alcohol, 63% marijuana, 62% tobacco, 35% mushrooms, 31% LSD, 27% cocaine, 24% ecstasy, 23% amphetamine, 12% methamphetamine, and 22% other illicit substances.
  • CHANNELS: *comedy is the clear favourite (34%), followed by *geek (9%) and *politics (8%). (30% of us have a favourite channel that was not one of the ones listed.)
  • SEXUALITY: About two thirds of the sift are exclusively heterosexual. Almost a quarter are predominantly heterosexual and only incidentally homosexual. Every other category is between 0-4%.

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