RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions

Request for comment on the new VS6 sidebar on the video permalink page. It currently shows to sections with a maximum of 5 videos per section: 1) Suggested Videos; 2) Related Videos. It's been suggested (or complained about) that the new sidebar sucks.

Some questions for you: Do you think it sucks? If so, why? Being as specific as possible, what sections should be included there?

Please don't just say you want all the old sidebars back; that's not helpful. There are too many of those and they're too messy. Instead suggest what content you want and why it must be there in the sidebar instead of requesting that it be added somewhere more out of the way.

Also, if the Suggested Videos and Related Videos content does suck in your opinion, please suggest what videos (5 maximum per section) should be selected for display there. Suggested Videos selects the top voted new videos from the current video's channels. Related Videos is the same as the old related videos section, selecting videos that are *related first and then any videos that have similar title/tags/description secondly.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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