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Lucky me - I got a diamond and get to create a channel! I'll be creating a channel in the next week or two, and would like to get some feedback on the ideas I've had floating in my head for the last year. It wasn't long after joining VideoSift that I had set my sights on creating a "Law" collective. Since that time, the place has changed, and I've wondered if there is enough content to justify it. I've also had a few other ideas for channels since then. I still think a Law channel would be good, but I want to hear from you guys and gals.

Law ("It's the Law!") - This channel would be for videos about legal issues. Videos discussing Supreme Court decisions, talks on copyright law, electoral law, civil and criminal cases would all be welcome. Random acts of criminality, be they stupid burglars or cops tasering handcuffed suspects, and general news stories about legal cases that don't describe the legal issues involved would not be welcome. Also, it would not be limited to legal issues in the U.S. For instance, the dismissal of Pakistan's Supreme Court Justices would be an interesting addition, assuming the video actually contained some content on the legal issues surrounding it, as opposed to just being a generic news report about it.

University ("The VideoSift University") - A place for higher learning at VideoSift. Any and all videos that provide serious learning, and those that take an in-depth approach to education issues. Google and ForaTV talks, university lectures, science and art documentaries - any in-depth videos that provide comprehensive learning. Videos of how to melt steel with thermite would not qualify.

Talk ("Conversations and Lectures") - A bit similar to the University, but this channel would be more focused on in depth interviews (think Charlie Rose, Inside the Actors Studio, etc.), as well as TED and Google talks of all varieties.

Biology/Medicine ("How Life Works") All things biological. Videos demonstrating biology concepts (e.g., animations of DNA transcription), surgical procedures, history of medicine. There might even be a little bit of overlap with the new Eco channel - videos demonstrating sustainable forestry, or farming bacteria for hydrogen production would be most welcome. Basic nature videos without any explanation of animal behavior or its consequences would likely not qualify, since we've already got a Nature channel.

Fantasy ("I'll smite you with my +2 BanHammer") - Just a rough idea at the moment. Basically anything swords and sorcery, dragons, elves, spirits of all sorts (ghost stories?). This could also include less traditional fantasy like The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen.

Other ideas are welcome. I know the old adage that I should create whatever channel I'd be happiest managing, but in all honesty, I'd be happy with any of those, though I am a bit less interested in the Fantasy channel. It will be at least a week before I'm ready to create the channel, as I'll be traveling for several days. I'll try to make up some playlists very soon and link them here to give some concrete examples for each channel idea.

I began creating playlists for each of those ideas, and in the process realized that I completely forgot my favorite channel idea.

Mind and Brain ("It's All In Your Head") - Dedicated to the workings of the brain and mind. Lectures, talks, and other videos on neuroscience, consciousness, perception, molecular biology of the brain. There might also be some room in here for videos about AI, insofar as they relate to brain science. Illustrations of optical illusions are not likely to be included unless the video describes the mechanism of the illusion.

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