January 2009 Los Angeles SiftUp a Great Success

So Charms and I were the first to head out of the Red Lion Tavern (our parking meter was expired and unfortunately the second-hand smoke was a little overwhelming for the olfactory sensitive) from the most populous SiftUp yet. I don't know if anyone else showed up, but participants I had the pleasure of meeting were Volumptuous and his girl, PoolCleaner, DarkRowan, DystopianFutureToday, IssyKitty, YouDieJoe, and Blankfist and his girl.

Before I say anything else I have to say DOH! When we headed out I meant to drop a $10 on the table, but was distracted with goodbyes. I feel so stupid and sorry for whoever was left holding our bill. (I'm so embarassed.) I'll need to settle up somehow, so please let me know what happened. Sorry!
It was an extreme pleasure getting to meet very single person there and I hope we'll all have a chance to meet up again. You are all such interesting people and have such genuine, wonderful personalities. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you all better in real life.

Several Sifters took some great photos and youdiejoe and blankfist were playing videographer. Maybe once we get a chance to review all our material we can select the best and share them here!

Whoever didn't show up, you'd better make it next time. Ocean smoshin, you better get here whatever it takes!

Here are four of my very few photos.

DarkRowan thinking and Volumptuous toasting

Intense discussion between Volumptuous, his girl, PoolCleaner, and DystopianFutureToday

All smiles: IssyKitty, blankfist's girl, blankfist opening his rape kit, YouDieJoe's arm (yes, it can smile too)

Videographers blankfist and youdiejoe

Here are some photos from the camera of DarkRowan:

More intense talk between dft, issykitty, and blankfist

volumptuous' girl and pool cleaner talk turkey

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