Intermittent JavaScript Problems

One of the things that's been very bothersome on the Sift since our move to the Varo CMS platform has been the "JavaScript lag" that delays your interaction with the page for a few seconds after you already see everything waiting for you to touch it.

The sole blame for this lies with SiftBot. I'm just kidding Sifty! Please don't strike me down with great vengeance and furious anger or lay your vengeance upon me!
In reality, it's the result of terribly poor design on my part. I've already started making some changes that will seriously speed up (and hopefully get rid of it altogether) that lag.

The fixes are coming in stages. While a new change is being implemented there might be a thing or two that seems not to work on the page. Not to worry. If you simply do a hard reload (hold ctrl+shift and reload) you should be on your way in a matter of minutes.

So you can see how great it's going to be, do a hard reload now, view the front page, and notice that all the video thumbnail "show video" links appear immediately. (Before this fix, they would only appear after the load delay.)

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