Hypocrites... the whole lot of ya!

I just saw Lucky's post of Choggie's kitchen video. http://www.videosift.com/video/Choggie-Teaches-Us-How-to-Cook-Jambalaya-Really

Dag even promoted it. Are you both making fun of him? Or were you actually being friendly towards the guy? You ban him from the site, yet you all still make sure you're entertained by him.

Choggie is a pain in the ass. Granted. But he's an entertaining thought provoking pain in the ass sometimes.

You've banished him, yet all of you acting like elite dweebs still get to enjoy him w/o him even being able to be here to share in it.

Maybe Choggie gave permission to have his video shown. I dunno? Guess that's all he can get now. "Hey look at what bannished Choggie is doing lately... Let's all have a laugh, and rejoice we got rid of him!"
Well, I think it's weird that you guys can all allow him ON videosift under your own terms, but ban him everytime he tries to come back on his own.

I'm so disappointed by all this banning and siftquisitions. Is this all you are now?

Why don't you forgive a few people and let them return. It's obvious that more people love the guy.. or love to hate him, than the few banhammers around here that love to pounce on everyone. Either way he's good for business obviously. If you're going to post his videos.. then forgive him and restore his account.

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