Concerning dead videos

Two things id like to see changed regarding dead videos.

1. Videos that are unsifted should be able to be deaded. At the current time videos unsifted cannot be deaded for what reason i don't understand. No reason to have a dead video on the front page, and if it is deaded more chance for it to get fixed and back into the world of working videos quicker.

2. No more 2 day wait to fix a dead video by another sifter(not original sifter). Id like to see all dead videos go immediately into the dead pool. I see no reason for them not to. The quicker they get there the quicker they might be fixed.

I would have made a poll but just seems like a no brainer as i see no upside to keeping it the way it is...other then @lucky760 will have to do some mucking with the code (its not like he has a real job and kids to take care of)

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