Come on, e'rybody! Let's see your pets!

If you have a pet, put that silly little creature up as your avatar so we can all laugh marvel at his inferiority cuteness. This is my little feller. His name is Maceo, as in Jane's Addiction's "My cat's name is Maceo". He's an Oriental Shorthair. He's also a vomiting machine. It's like that atrocious Betsy Wetsy doll where you put water down her spout to make her piss her pants. Yeah, that's kind of like my cat but with food instead of water and vomit instead of wee. He also doesn't discriminate. Nope. He will happily vomit on anything at anytime. "How much did that Macbook Air cost? That much? Well then, mister early adopter, allow me to vomit all over it. Meow-blech."

So, let's see them. Bring them things out. [looks to Choggie] Zip up your pants, brother. I'm sick of cleaning up vomit.

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