Announcing the "Mind and Brain" Channel

Welcome to Videosift's latest channel, Mind and Brain. It's a channel devoted to the brain and its emergent mind - everything from neurons to consciousness. This includes videos of nerve growth and damage, models of perception, talks on theories of consciousness, cognitive and computational neuroscience, neuropathology, as well as applications of this knowledge in clinical psychology, artificial intelligence, education, etc.

The basic criterion for any video to be included in the channel is that it impart some knowledge of how the brain works, whether it be the function of synaptic boutons, or the emergence of a unified perceptual field. This would also include videos describing brain function in "lower" primates and other mammals, as well as computational neuroscience applied to artificial intelligence.

Having gone through a few hundred videos looking for ones to add, I've noticed that there is a definite grey area here. My instinct is to exclude videos that ignore underlying brain function. For instance, social psychology experiments like Milgram's shock experiment and Zimbardo's prison experiment, while immensely interesting, don't really fit in this context. Likewise, videos describing Skinner's radical behaviorism would seem antithetical to the channel, since, by definition, it denies the existence of a conscious mind.

That said, I welcome the addition of any apparently relevant video to the channel, with the caveat that I may remove it and ask for a reason that it be included. I promise - I won't be nearly as much of a hard-ass as rembar. (j/k rembar!

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