Should We Bring back the Siftquisition? (redux)

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A total of 57 votes have been cast on this poll.

I know I failed to get this past the Sift Senate last time, but I'd like to modify the bill and try again.

You know I think that the Siftquisition is an important organ of self-cleansing and helps to add weight to the rules and customs of our community. So, I'd like to propose we adopt the modification that @xxovercastxx thought of, namely:

  • Voting on a Siftquisition would begin 48 hours after the Sifquisition was called - this gives Sifters the opportunity to discuss the matter - and a chance for the siftquisitioned to tell their side of the story.

  • Voting would have only 2 options - guilty or innocent. No mention of punishment. Sentencing would be carried out by the admins and it could range from a verbal warning to permanent banishment.

    What say ye now?

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