Is your earwax wet or dry?

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I've known for a long time that my wife's earwax is all dry, but I always thought it was really weird and just because maybe she doesn't consume enough water every day.

I saw an episode of Mythbusters years ago where they had dozens or so people pile up their earwax to see if they could create a functioning candle with it, and all their earwax looked like mine, so that's always help me assume my wife is the one oddball and everyone else is like me.

I recently discovered while listening to the DVDASA podcast (starring David Choe and Asa Akira) that what's actually going on is Asians have dry earwax and non-Asians have wet earwax. I've confirmed researchers determined this is really the case via some science sources online. Fascinating, isn't it?

My sons are half Asian, but I haven't found any good earwax samples in their heads yet, so I'm not sure what a 50/50 person's earwax might be like. Maybe dry in one ear and wet in the other? Maybe a 1:1 mixture of dry and wet?

Anyways, what is your earwax like? Please inform what your genetic ethnicity is. Thanks for participating in this highly scientific poll!

I especially need you to comment if you're some kind of a mixed-breed ir if you have a type of earwax that isn't supposed to apply to you (e.g., Asian with wet or non-Asian with dry).

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