For the old-timers: Should Choggie be allowed back in the sift?

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A total of 64 votes have been cast on this poll.

I write this in response to the banning of, allegedly, Choggie's new account Phonecium. (I assume that it is him, as people seem pretty sure.)

I think it's a farce that we keep banning him like this, no matter how well he behaves. Swampgirl has famously argued for his case before, but as far as I know it never got to a vote. She wanted a full pardon - reinstation of the Choggie account, but personally I feel that a ban is a ban, so the user is forfeited (and I make the poll, so there..).

I put this question as simply as I can, with simple vote options:
*Yes, on a new account - He will be allowed to make his next account (or the phonecium reinstated) and be left in peace as long as he abides by our rules.
*No, never. - We will continue to ban any new account he makes, effectively banning the person behind the mask.
*Undecided - For those of you who do not know Choggie or don't have an opinion on the matter.

I encourage people who has strong opinions about this to sound out in the comments and I hope people will vote what they think is right.

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