Are you more or less likely to purchase Sun Chips because of their new bag?

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^That's annoying, vote option 2 got cut off. Should read "...brings back memories of the 'Moment of hate' from 1984."

I am all for 'greener' everything. And when Sun Chips decided they were coming out with compostable bags, my initial thought was "Well, i know this is just a bit of corporate marketing at work but at least they're doing some good."

That was until heard the new bags...To those who have not heard it, be warned the noise output of these little 1x2 foot receptacles sounds like a giant aluminum foil tarp blowing in high winds.

While picking up groceries today, I stopped and pondered my choices. In one hand, I held my old standby "Baked Lays," the chips that had captured my heart before I was introduced to the devils addiction that is "Harvest Cheddar." In the other hand, every minute movement wracked my ears with cricks and crackles, each of which made me shudder a little. My wife called to me gently "Pick some damned chips already so we can get the hell out of this isle!"

And it was at that moment, I made a decision, not based on taste, or value (the Sun Chips were actually CHEAPER), or compostability. I made a decision based solely on the idea that "I hate how loud this fucking bag is."

Feel free to judge me, but Sun Chips have made a decision, and so have I.

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