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Comments to transmorpher

newtboy jokingly says...

Since I have learned by reading their own words that they are part of a movement to dishonestly rebrand "vegan" as "a plant based diet" (because people know and dislike veganism) and to usurp the positive medical studies done on plant based diets (that are not vegetarian or vegan), please feel free to tell them I don't agree with that.

transmorpher said:

OK well you'd better let the 12,000 or so doctors, researchers, scientists and dietitians from dozens of organisations know that you don't agree with their terminology.......

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 2 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your comment on Woman befriends the man who shot her when he was thirteen has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

SolemnPhilosopher says...

I am a newb, I didn't mean to send this directly to your personal wall.

SolemnPhilosopher said:

I haven't watched it in a few years, but I believe so. If you do a Google search and go to the website page for the edit, you can see all the changes made. Though I would just recommend watching it and experiencing the changes that way.

SolemnPhilosopher says...

I haven't watched it in a few years, but I believe so. If you do a Google search and go to the website page for the edit, you can see all the changes made. Though I would just recommend watching it and experiencing the changes that way.

transmorpher said:

Does it explain why there was a little fish in that guys eye from the black goo?

Or why it mattered that Weyland was Charliez Therons father?

/MikeStoklasa (

eric3579 says...

You're making a comment about something not in this video. May want to link the vid you are referring to if you want your comment to make any sense.

transmorpher said:

This is insane! He obviously had a concussion the way he was stumbling around and repeating himself.

acidrom86tx says...

Ah but I bet you're one of the people that advocates the murder of human souls in the womb. if so you're demented. you're literally more worried about food than your own species.

transmorpher said:

It's pretty hard to have a sense of humor about this subject matter after you've seen a dog moving around right after it got skinned alive so that some douche nugget Kanye wannabe can wear a fur coat.

This whole video seems to fall under the misconception that vegans are vegan because they don't like meat. When the reality is that it's from an ethical stand point. Otherwise you aren't vegan, you're just eating a plant based diet. People are vegan for all of the same reasons you guys aren't eating dogs and cats.

You really do have to have a disconnect once you realise that people love eating a creature that has the intelligence of a 3 year old child, has it's testicles ripped out, tail chopped off, and teeth pulled out all without anesthetic. Lives a tortured life for about 6 months in a small cage with a concrete floor where it hasn't got enough room to turn around, until it finally gets either forcibly impregnated, to keep the cycle going or just killed, so someone can eat smoked bits of it's flesh. Because apparently they've never heard of smoked paprika powder.

It does get pretty tiresome when you can speak pure logic and reason, and people brush it off with something like "bacon tho". Especially when they're otherwise intelligent people. But when it comes to this issue, they throw up a wall, because years of advertising has done it's job very well.

It's now proven fact that bacon gives people cancer. Yet people are still eating it. I have a feeling people would still eat bacon if it made their dicks fly off.

newtboy says...

Well, I must admit you have a point. I don't think that way, growing up around animals that were food, and doing the work ourselves, not hiding from it, but most people don't have that experience.
My opinion is that ending the intolerable suffering some animals are subjected to is more important than ending meat eating, so I suggest trying to convince people to use smaller, family farmed meats that are more likely to have proper, 'humane' treatment and death....but not by shaming them with images of abused animals or blaming them for eating the wrong thing. That only gets people defensive. Simply explaining how the better treatment creates a MUCH better, tastier, 'cleaner' (of hormones and anti-biotics) meat that's worth the extra effort, and extra cost, should work better. Appeal to people's unwavering belief that they deserve better, and steer them in a direction that also works for your goal.
I don't think you'll ever convince a high percentage of meat eaters to go vegetarian, much less vegan, and I think that guilt and shame make people want to fight about the issue rather than do anything. But that just, like, my opinion, man. ;-)

All this said, I've realized that I'm fighting against my own interests, because if most people went vegan, meat would be much cheaper and better quality (it would have to be to sell). Oh well, not the first time. ;-)

EDIT: I've just realized something else. You should never use the 'we don't kill people like that' argument, because we absolutely do kill people when it suits our purposes, like prisoner executions and wars, and also including for food (in a way) in places and times where societal pressures hadn't made eating people 'taboo'.

transmorpher said:

I can only speak for myself I guess, but certainly when I would order a chicken burger, I would only think about juicy soft chicken breast with a crunchy outer bread layer and the mayonnaise. There's no way I would order the burger and think about where the chicken came from, what happened to it, how it felt while hanging upside down, and the sad existence it lived prior to that.

Obviously everyone knows that meat comes from a farm. But again speaking for myself, once you know the reality of it, it's a different story.

If you have any hints on how to make headway without even unwilling being insulting while trying to make my points, I'm all ears

newtboy jokingly says...

Dig-ni-ty? What's that?

transmorpher said:

No problems at all. I used to hate vegans with a passion, I'd be the first person to shout them down in public even at the expense of dignity So I know what it's like to be on both sides of the concept.

There are also definitely a good number of dickhead vegans, who use it as a social status, and they are often the loudest, so I'm not surprised that people automatically take insult to anything with the vegan label attached to it.

newtboy says...

Oh no, I'm not feeling guilt or shame, but thanks for the concern. ;-)

I'm saying that inflicting guilt and shame are the obvious intents of your posts, even if not intentionally. You are trying to 'educate' people so they know to feel guilty or ashamed of how they live/eat, in the hope that that guilt/shame will get them to stop eating meat.
I think (I hope) that people who've never thought about the fact that meat is an animal are few and far between, and that most people make an informed choice. I've gone farther in that sense than most since my family raised many types of meat, humanely, and even butchered our own when I was young, but I give people the benefit of a doubt that they aren't just eating meat and not connecting it with an animal. I'm sure a few are, but I think not many.

I find it insulting to imply that people haven't thought it through...but I know I'm a weirdo so perhaps I'm the only one insulted and I should just shut up. ;-)

Why DOES the worm talk like a lamb? ;-)

transmorpher said:

If you're feeling guilt and shame about something you've done, then that implies you know that it's wrong
But in my above statements I'm acknowledging that most people aren't even aware of the implications of their actions. They can't feel guilty or ashamed if they don't know what they are doing is wrong. They've always just bought a nice bit of juicy meat at the store for their entire lives, and they've never seen anyone get hurt, the thought hasn't even occurred to most people. They're just doing what they've always done.

That's why I'm pointing it out, not to be a jerk, but to plant the seed, and people will hopefully consciously think about the idea that something had to be killed. I'm hoping to trigger their Lisa Simpson moment

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