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Saluting The Heros Of The Pandumbic

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

BSR says...

Guess I won't be around for the celebration.

Payback said:

A billion computers, counting a billion numbers a second, will take 10 to the 74 power years to count to googol. To give you some sense of the ridiculousness of this scale, the current accepted age of the universe is 10 to the 9th years.

What Are Shin Splints?

What Is Coronavirus?

History of the Earth

BSR says...

Plus, the YT timeline covered text at times. Makes me feel like I missed that one important clue that would have made everything come together for me.

Now I'll just watch it again without stopping.

oritteropo said:


It took me a while to watch too, I had to keep pausing because the writing went past a bit quickly.

History of the Earth

The Earth Pyramids of South Tyrol

Squidworm - Deepsea Oddities

Squidworm - Deepsea Oddities

Cuttlefish given 3D glasses to determine distance

BSR says...

Probably wears sunglasses after this jump to stardom.

newtboy said:

Next time we take the subjects to sci-fi night at the drive in.
I'm not sure I approve of super glueing 3d glasses to cuttlefish, even though reports I've seen claimed it's harmless and wears off fairly quickly.
*promote weird science

newtboy (Member Profile)

BSR says...

Well, I love that he is exposing the flaws in electing a president.

newtboy said:

He's right....his money is his ONLY redeeming quality. What else is there to love about him?

The Diet Soda Myth and Barriers to Good Research

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

What's The Best Way To Enslave A Dolphin

CGP Grey | 'Indian' or 'Native American'?

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