Weekly Achievements for 26Jul09 thru 01Aug09

#1 Video

Kevin Smith's Views on Twilight by Dr_Q

Golf: hole in one wtf-style by dingens

Fox News Calls Amsterdam a "Cesspool" - Amsterdam responds by dag

Conan and Andy Richter - Anime voiceovers by Silent002

Girl Gets Answer Very Wrong by EDD

Guy with Gun Confronts Skateboarder. Street Justice Ensues by nomino

How Did Adam & Eve's Kids Have Kids? by EDD

Top 15 Videos

Ultra High Speed Robot Reflexes by EDD reached #2
Great Video Explaining How A Vehicle's Differential Works by deputydog reached #2
TR2N Teaser by Drax reached #2
Zero Punctuation - Wii Sports Resort by Zifnab reached #2
This is Norway by theaceofclubz reached #2
QI - At What Temperature Does Water Boil? by rasch187 reached #2
Extreme Vortex Cannon by arvana reached #3
Shatner Reads Palin's Farewell Speech... As Beat Poetry! by yoghurt reached #3
Simon's Cat - "Fly Guy" by atara reached #3
Why is US Life Expectancy Lower Than Canada's? by NetRunner reached #3
Real Time with Bill Maher New Rules July 24 2009 by geo321 reached #3
Bobby McFerrin plays the audience as an instrument by arvana reached #3
Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Motorist by PostMortem reached #3
Asking Texans if the Bible is Completely True by theaceofclubz reached #3
QI - Stephen Fry Completely Owns Alan Davies by rasch187 reached #3
Chinese Grandma Learns To Swear In English by rasch187 reached #3
Jake Lloyd: Ten Years After Star Wars Ep One by dotdude reached #4
Brilliant Woman Solves All of California's Problems by Zifnab reached #4
Bill Maher Criticizes The Torah by MikesHL13 reached #4
Robot Chicken: "The Diary of Anne Frank" by rottenseed reached #4
The Fish that Swims Through Your Pee and Into Your Penis by inflatablevagina reached #4
Fantastic animated building projection by arvana reached #4
new age Hitler commands the flock. by geo321 reached #5
Kids in the Hall - Comfortably High by SlipperyPete reached #5
2012 Orgy by Zifnab reached #5
You Know What's Bullshit? Printers. by blankfist reached #5
Futurama: Birth of bender by dannym3141 reached #6
F1: Massa knocked out by spring, darts into wall at 200+km/h by radx reached #6
An 11-year old plays Contra for the first time by Ornthoron reached #6
Hedgehog Declares Its Immeasurable Trepidation by EDD reached #6
TYT: Why Taxing Pot Make So Much Sense? by MikesHL13 reached #6
How to mount a penny farthing (old bike) by thegrimsleeper reached #6
Family guy - Trapped in a loveless sham of a marriage by gwiz665 reached #7
Dealing with ex-fratties in the office by Morganth reached #7
Some obscenely impressive body control/strength in NY by radx reached #7
Bill Mahers Visit To CNN's Situation Room by Duckman33 reached #8
Laser Pointer Dog Attack by brycewi19 reached #8
Dude Tricked Into Hitting Himself In The Nuts by demon_ix reached #8
Eddie Izzard on Guns and The NRA by rasch187 reached #8
Worst Name EVAR! by blankfist reached #8
G. Gordon Liddy gets destroyed over 'Birther' beliefs. by PostMortem reached #8
Mitchell and Webb: Everything is fine by blankfist reached #8
TDS: Hey, C'Mon That's Not ... Why Would You ...Whoa! by MikesHL13 reached #8
Is She Wearing Panties? - Man in the Box by brycewi19 reached #9
TDS - So You Think You Can Douche! by mkknyr reached #9
Tony Kanaan in Indy Inferno by mintbbb reached #9
Angry Guy on Hell's Kitchen Wants to Fight Gordon Ramsay by JiggaJonson reached #9
The Daily Show 7/20/09 - Brian Williams by littledragon_79 reached #10
The Dramatic Videobomb! by blankfist reached #10
The Daily Show Turns The Gates Arrest Into Hilarity by marinara reached #11
Black Men Can Jump by nomino reached #11
Megan Fox Rejects Seth Rogen's Kiss by demon_ix reached #11
TDS: White House M.D. by NetRunner reached #11
This is what an adult kiss is like? by thegrimsleeper reached #11
Louis CK - Marital Sex by MikesHL13 reached #11
Asian Maid Abuse----This is NOT porn by longde reached #12
Tiffani Amber Thiessen is Too Busy by tedbater reached #12
Getting High On A Bus (No Drugs!) by demon_ix reached #12
Most Incredible Hole-In-One You'll Ever See by EDD reached #12
Glenn Beck: Obama is Racist, Hates White People by NetRunner reached #12
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Unintentional Joke of the Day by MikesHL13 reached #13
Fascist Cops engage in hi-speed pursuit of Seven-year-old. by therealblankman reached #13
I've seen Lego things you people wouldn't believe by EndAll reached #13
7/23/09 - Daily Show Checking in With Colbert Report by littledragon_79 reached #13
Glass music - Tchaikovsky's Dance of the sugar plum fairy by Deano reached #13
FAIL by blankfist reached #14
Trailer for Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Sarzy reached #14
How Videogamers Are Ruining The Industry They Love by EDD reached #14
Mitch Hedberg- Fish Screams by inflatablevagina reached #15

Top Comments

Wow, that's really stupid. And it's not like it's a... by Lithic (35 votes)
It's not a tough question, jackass - what you were... by EDD (33 votes)
Part of me is actually glad about Fox News bashing... by campionidelmondo (33 votes)
Come on, he seemed quite aware of how it all works.... by kymbos (28 votes)
Yeah, a little warning would have been in order. Now... by Throbbin (27 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Girl Gets Answer Very Wrong by EDD (173 votes)
Fox News Calls Amsterdam a "Cesspool" - Amsterdam responds by dag (168 votes)
Kevin Smith's Views on Twilight by Dr_Q (166 votes)
Great Video Explaining How A Vehicle's Differential Works by deputydog (135 votes)
Golf: hole in one wtf-style by dingens (128 votes)

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