Some Thoughts on the Ape Movie

I wasn't going to see this movie - another dead franchise being milked by canny re-imangineers for a little more sucker money. Then, people I trusted started coming back with favorable reviews.

I saw it tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. The reason it succeeded was not because of the special effects - but because it had developed characters that I cared about. Mainly the apes.

But this is not a review of the movie. I had a couple of other thoughts I wanted to jot down.

The first one is that apes make us uncomfortable. It's a living uncanny valley - we catch glimpses of ourselves in them. Apes tell us that sentience isn't a demarcation line but a sliding gray scale. We're all human to a lesser or or greater degree - and by human, I mean self-aware, living creatures.

I've seen self-awareness in chickens and it makes me uncomfortable that I find them to be delicious. The difference with apes is that they look so much like us - it's much harder to live in denial of their humanity. Yes, I know they were CGI in the movie, but their creation by us, with little tweaks to the face that give them human expression is interesting in itself.


My other thought is that there sure are an awful of lot of apocalyptic movies lately. I'm wondering if this a collective expression of self-loathing that humanity is putting out there. Do we have a death wish as a species? Are we aching for something to take care of our 7 billion strong infestation of the planet? Or maybe it's just a recognition that we're at the end of a certain cycle of growth, ready to change into a different kind of civilisation. I hope it's the latter but fear it's the former.

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