Go See Hanna Instead of Cowboys & Aliens this Weekend

Cowboys and Aliens is not a terrible movie. It's a mix of western and SF cliches that barely holds together thanks to the strong character leads of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Lots of old fart testosterone flowing around to smooth out the jarring theme changes and scenes that seem to lifted completely from old Clint Eastwood films. It also has the great Sam Rockwell, but his weak character is completely overshadowed by the leads.

My first clue that that this was going to be pretty bland, middle-of-the-road fare happened before the credits ended. So many writers! This script has been massaged to death, wringing out almost all originality or real story.

Hanna on the other hand was awesome! A quirky, tight, euro-thriller with a fantastic lead actress who makes you believe in the premise. The move was brutal in places but it kept me fascinated all the way to the end. It even has a small SF component that left me more satisfied than all of the gooey aliens in the former movie. Lastly, it's a great recommendation for home schooling.

If you see one movie this weekend, make it Hanna.

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