Do you have to be an asshole to make great stuff?

In all the paeans to Jobs there seems to be a big "but". He caused amazing things to be made, but - he was an asshole to people around him. Firing employees in lifts when they couldn't give him a succinct definition of what they do at Apple HQ (for example).

That self-assured laser-focus vision of what's right seemed to burn right through a lot of people close to him. I don't think I would want to work for him - but I can't deny the fruits of labor. He burned and he shipped great stuff, on time.

He probably didn't mind that people thought he was a bit of a prick because he had his success in business as a counter-weight. By all accounts, he was a flawed bundle of intensity, ego and passion. Very human and far from a saint.

I greatly admire his work and I'm thankful for what has come down the Apple pipe. I don't want to be more like Steve - but I'm glad he was.

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