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Ignore this if you don't care about cats or emotions pertaining to them.  

I told my boyfriend if my cat didn't come back in four weeks, I'm getting another cat. That sounds kind of cold, but I need a cat in my life.

My last cat, Gojira, he left when we moved to Maryland last year. My boyfriend's parents let him out without consulting me and he never came back. I'd had him for several years. It was a serious blow to my happiness. I'm still reeling from that and now Tt is gone. I just need another cat to shower love upon. I need another cat to feed tidbits of meat to on the counter, just like a cat shouldn't be doing. <_< I just need a damned cat, OK?? It's not like meth, being addicted to cats won't rot your teeth. Toxiplasmosis can be a bitch, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Plus, the personality change could be a boon to my social life. Who knows.

A friend of mine had a batch of kittens and keeps posting pictures all over the place. I'm tempted to earmark one for myself. I need a cat from kittenhood. It makes a difference, I think.

We have other cats and I pet them and feed them, but they don't come into my room. They don't prefer me or anything like that. They come to me when they're hungry or want inside/outside. It's not the same. 


A good thing about today, though, which sometimes relates to cats is that I'm the owner of the *cute channel now. It's a really fun, easy channel that can only brighten my day. Nothing crazy gets *cuted. I've not found a single thing to remove. Ah, so simple. 

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