deathcow says...

It would be better if each guy had a broomstick with a 120V cord run up the side, so it's like a 120V prod (maybe a couple grabber screws in the end of the broomstick for electrodes). Then they spar with them on the floating platform.....

Payback says...

Man, when I got back in I would thump on the jerk with the camera. I mean wtf? lets his buds drift like a klick out to sea without getting help? That's not cool, it's life threatening. They wouldn't last more than a few minutes if the ice flipped.

xxovercastxx says...

Ok, so let's say they float out to sea and die... the loss would be what?

It's not like they're children who wouldn't understand the danger of what they're doing.

choggie says...

yeah the follow-up would be grand, but far more lasting an impression, the duel with home made party prods.....I'll bet that chunk of ice would have even held a portable generator...."deathcow was later appointed High-Chancellor of Televised Events, just prior to the fall of western civilization..."

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Beggar's Canyon

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