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More Frozen Bubbles at -20 degrees C

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Visualization of 24 Sorting Algorithms In 2 Minutes

oritteropo says...

Bubble sort can outrun quicksort on many common input types (almost or completely sorted is very common for instance, and one where bubble sort will always win).

They missed bogosort! It checks if the data is sorted and randomly shuffles the data if not. In the quite common case of already sorted data it will also beat quicksort.

Obligatory xkcd

CrushBug said:

Wow, I forgot how much Bubble Sort sucks.

Dub FX - No Rest For the Wicked (Live in India / First Take)

Open a Padlock With Two Wrenches?

oritteropo says...

It should work on most normal padlocks, but I have seen more expensive ones that would be more resistant to this attack (the one I'm thinking of didn't leave room to insert the spanner).

eric3579 said:

That doesn't look like much of a lock. Like to see it tried on other locks.

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