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QI with Stephen Fry: Would Loud Music Stop You Wife Beating?

dag (Member Profile)

kevin143 says...

Hey Dag,

I think the way to do it would be not to replace the ad unit boxes, but integrate it more closely in the content. For example, on a video about The Office, right below the tags section or below the embedded video, you could have a link that says "Support Videosift and buy the Office on DVD." It's really a useful link so it won't bother people, and it will only supplement existing earnings.

I submitted your post to if it stays on the front page until morning I think you will get some more feedback there. And you also may like the site if you have never been there before.


In reply to this comment by dag:
Hi Kevin, Thanks for the suggestion. We have tried affiliate type ads, and amazon too. To date we have not had very good results with them. Our best return has always been on CPM type network ads - but even those are dieing off now.

In reply to this comment by kevin143:
Affiliate links are a good way to fill in empty ad inventory. How about text Amazon affiliate links? These would also not be adblocked.

VideoSift Fundraiser (Sift Talk Post)

Springtime for Hitler -- The Producers (1969 original)

Rupert Murdoch: Obama will win

kevin143 says...

I interpreted his first line as the reason Fox News is Fair and Balanced is because it exists giving the Republican side of things. Not that it is really fair and balanced, but it is fair and balancing because it exists.

Anyone have the unedited version of this interview? I love this guy.

Feature Request: "Long" videos as a channel? (Engineering Talk Post)

Deaths that just don't work for Mario

Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Conflict -- superb Russian stop motion film

Karl Rove Interviewed by Harvard Comedy Show

kevin143 says...

I saw Karl Rove speak at Pitt. He was great at dodging questions and it was clear personal criticism really doesn't bother him. However, someone brought up his gay father. It was clear that mentions of his gay father really does get under his skin and is probably the only thing that effects him personally.

If you want to see Karl Rove cry, bring giant banners of his father's piercing studded cock and make sure he sees them and realizes he is looking at his dead father's penis.

Krystle Cole descibes dimethyltryptamine trip

kevin143 says...

This girl has quite a story behind her. She was intimately involved with the Pickard/Anderson biggest LSD bust of all time. Her boyfriend, Gordon Todd Skinner, gave them away in exchange for immunity from manslaughter he committed. Pickard is now serving two consecutive life sentences without parole.

Pink Floyd Echoes Music with 2001 A Space Odyssey

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