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Oregon Polar Bear Awakes to Snow. BLISS!

bareboards2 says...

@coolhund @JustSaying

Not just CO2 production. Also use of fresh water resources. Polluted water from feces collection (and yes, conventional agriculture is polluting water with chemical runoff.) In places, the cutting down of rain forest to create areas for beef production. The huge overhang of methane over New Zealand from all the farting sheep (that would be part of the CO2 mentioned. But I can't pass up the opportunity to actually type "farting sheep.")

"Beautiful creatures" are in danger. Not just these.

And I do eat meat. And drive my car. And am a hypocrite.

Moose warms face with car exhaust.

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Digby Learns About Grass

Yes We Can. Obama stories are shared. What a guy.

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bareboards2 says...

You got that right.

Thanks for helping others to see this.

iaui said:

*quality and *promote.

Mr. Obama has to be one of the finest humans to ever exist on this planet. What incredible class in the face of such adversity, a lifetime of adversity. He will live on as a beacon of American exceptionalism forever.

What a Man.

Trump Calls Obama To Talk About The Golden Globes

Seth Meyers Interviews Kellyanne Conway

bareboards2 says...

She turns my stomach. She speaks falsely and misdirects in a way that literally roils my stomach.

I think Seth did a great job.

I'm watching it now and it makes me ill. She lies.


Another Great Poem by Enoch

bareboards2 says...

The folks who seem the most hardened on the outside? It seems they are that way because of their brave unflinching souls.

A carapace is needed for daily interactions.

Nicely done, my friend.

enoch (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

You did good on that joke and on its explanation. I got it just fine without the commentary though.

I left your whole commentary here, because I make it a practice to delete all comments from my wall. Your essay needs to be saved for posterity.

So here is a quirk of Videosift.

If you are ignoring someone, and they make a comment on one of your videos, you will never get another email saying that comments have been made.

I had no idea of the implosion on that comment stream. Dear god in heaven.

What is really sad is I only wanted a temp ban. I honestly didn't know of @gorillaman's propensities. I am all for second, third and fourth chances -- even though some people have left the Sift in the past because the worst abusers were allowed back. I understood their pain, but I'm still all for more chances. If you love something enough, maybe you will change your behavior. I certainly don't change immediately. I will accord others the opportunity to learn over time.

So no edit help, huh? I think I'll use this:

As "Homeland Security" says, if you see something, SAY something. (Because here is the truth: As Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel wrote, "Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.")

Much cleaner. Don't need the snark bit. Quote marks. Gotta love 'em. (Quote marks, not parentheses, to denote snark. I'm getting old.)

I didn't address your tendency to tread lightly with me in my first response. I figured it was made up of three things:

1. My early days on the Sift, I had really thin skin. I was easily hurt and upset. One of the biggest gifts to me in my life was learning on the Sift to be clearer and stronger in my communications. And to walk away from the abusers. And to use the ignore button. I figured that my early reactions were in your brain pan still.

2. That tone of voice thing. It is real. What is a simple, clear declarative sentence in my head can be read as a whine-fest by others.

3. I think it is great that you write carefully when you write to me. Keep it up! It's called caring about the person you are talking to. I have zero problem with that. In fact, I see it as a Great Good. (Because if you aren't, and I lay my own internal tone of voice onto your words in a way that doesn't match the words in your head, you will be hearing from me. And I am just as verbose as you, my friend! A punishment worse than death!)

And yes. We are people who hang in there. It is a blessing and a curse.
Well, only a curse to those who roll their eyes and snort "good grief, just shut up!" I'm cool with it.

Thanks for hanging in with me. And I am truly sorry about gorillaman. He did it to himself, though. He did have other choices.

In solidarity, I say to you -- Fuck Homeland Security and ginned up xenophobia and racism.

(A poet? Do you write epic odes? Surely not haikus!)

enoch said:

haha,this right here made me laugh out loud!
have you SEEN my commentary?
for a self-professed poet,i have an absolute horrid economy of words.

knowing me,your tiny,wee project would become a book that would make dostoevsky cringe.

shame watching gorilla decide to go all human torch on us,but that was his choice and had nothing to do with our interactions.

i did try to make a case for him though......./flushing sound.

you need to know something BB,and i mean this sincerely,i was being honest that i tread lightly when i feel compelled to engage with you,and nothing that you have really done outright to make me feel this way.i proceed from my base assumptions on who you are,and those assumptions are is more my style that i think i over-consider when engaging with you.i tend to be blunt,and speak in a bombastic and even aggressive manner,and i think i fear either offending you or hurting your feelings.which is NEVER my intent.i am sure there are many on the sift who may feel the same way when engaging me.

but here is what i love about you.
you never give up.
you will hang with anyone to work a disagreement out,or conflict,as long as they are being respectful and not being an outright will hang in there as long as it takes until there is some form of mutual understanding.

i really respect that.
possibly because i am the exact same way.
my commentary can be very long winded,mainly due to my very strong desire to be understood.

as for your "see something,say something"
yep..that flew right over my head,and i feel silly now because in retrospect that was pretty damn good BB!

but i hold to a general rule when throwing out dry and snarky humor.
do not hold back,the further you go into offensively absurd territory..the better.
and never..ever..feel the necessity to explain the joke.
that is like a magician showing you how he did the trick.

years ago i was dating a wonderful young woman whose family was having a BBQ.her father was a retired NYC detective,grizzled and hardened from years on the streets and stood a whopping and imposing 6'6",and this was to be my first time meeting this legendary figure of a man.

to say i was feeling a tad intimidated is putting it sweat was sweating.

so there i am at her parents house,sitting out on the patio pretending to be relaxed and chill,while my insides were finding new ways to tie themselves into knots.a shadow creeps over the patio table and a low rumbling voice asks me..
"you want a beer?"
"no sir,i just do heroin"
tick tock..
and then this almost ground shaking rumble breaks the silence..
"heh heh..i think i like you are alright.don't have any heroin,will pepsi do?".

that happened 30 years ago,and while i only dated his daughter for less than a year,he and i remained close friends till the day he died in 2004.

snark/dry humor is the art of the mic drop.

it can go bad,real bad but that usually only happens when you try to temper the joke,reel it back in order to not offend,and in doing so,you take a well meaning joke and make it if your gonna do it..go for not hold back.

if i had told mr kepic (that was his name,that and SIR) that i only smoked weed,instead of using heroin as an example.i may have gotten kicked out of his house and told to never see his daughter again,because weed would be an actual possibility,while heroin was so over the top that it was implausible.

hmm..think that was the first time i ever broke down one of my jokes.
how did i do?

enoch (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...


I just took a long walk to have lunch. As I walked, I noodled and noodled on my Homeland comment (if it isn't obvious by now, I use that comment all the time.) How to give it context so as to not give the wrong impression? How to keep it short, given how complicated the context is?

Finally realized the power of the snark. Parentheses. Those communicate quickly.

Still needed more. Has to be short.

I sat to eat my lunch, and opened the book of essays I was reading. (I always read while eating if alone.) And there it was.

So. Would you be interested in being my editor for this project? Help me hone it? Get it succinct? (If you are interested, I have a great story about the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls struggles to be succinct. Came to mind when I stumbled on the idea of parentheses.)

Okay. Here goes. Let me know if you would like to help me get it right:

As "Homeland Security" says, if you see something, SAY something. (Meant to be read snarkily. Because here is the truth: As Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel said: "Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.")

It is still long. I'll have to copy and paste a long time before I remember it. But it provides context and I hope it communicates that you cannot confuse me with a Brownshirt.

Man About To Stab Pastor Gets Struck By God's Power!

What IS the Unemployment Rate? I've been wondering

Yes We Can. Obama stories are shared. What a guy.

bareboards2 says...


Here's the deal, my friend.

The internet does not come with a tone of voice. You might consider that the way you read my words are not the way they are said in my head (cue to your cafe analogy.)

And I can't read tone of voice either. I supply it. And I have bodily reactions to you, too, my friend.

We both do this because both of us are a bit difficult, and both of us are supplying tone of voice that makes the words on the page different.

I'm not going to apologize for what I wrote. I meant what I said. Every word. And there is nothing wrong with what I wrote. You didn't like it for your own reasons, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with anything I said.

I will say that you have supplied a context to gorillaman that he could have supplied himself with the sarcasm button. He didn't do that. So was he kidding? I don't know.

You assume that anyone who reads his post has the extensive knowledge of his motives and personality. Newcomers won't. And here is an embarrassing admission -- although I too have been on this site for ten years, I don't have a sense of who gorillaman is. Sorry, gorillaman. I just haven't been paying attention to you. This is a character flaw on my part, also, since you seem intent on listing my flaws. I am pretty much in my head, and until there have been repeated interactions, I don't really take in people. I am selfish that way.

About the Homeland Security remark. Gorillaman was given the benefit of the doubt for his motives, he was given context. I assumed that I would be accorded the same gift.

So let me give context.

I am repulsed by the term Homeland Security. I was repulsed the first time I heard it, I am repulsed every time I hear it.

So when I take on racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophoabia, or any garden variety hatred, I invoke Homeland Security to protect us from what is the real threat. Not scary brown skinned people. But the people amongst us who truly are a threat to our way of life.

My mistake -- and it was a mistake -- was to assume that people get the connection. Because of context. Which of course isn't good enough.

I like my jab at the concept of Homeland Security. But it obviously isn't working. I'll have to rework it, make it clear. give it context.

Because I agree with you there, my friend. Homeland Security evokes the Third Reich and it turns my stomach. Every time.

Yes We Can. Obama stories are shared. What a guy.

bareboards2 says...


The Stasi worked in secrecy. I am in the open. And I left it to dag.

We have a pretty good community here. Unlike reddit. Unlike 4chan. Unlike places that allow "free speech" that drives out people who can't stomach despicable behavior. And we have it because we have community standards and a benevolent dictator with a light touch and a willingness to step in.

I'll speak up for this community. I think it is worth it.

It is the Nazis and the KKK who used derogatory language to demean and marginalize huge swaths of the population.

Are you going to call out the person who is acting like a Nazi/KKK member? Since you were so quick to call out me?

Or are you going to stand by and let it pass. Do nothing. Say nothing. Act as if what was said was nothing.

Let me be me. Let dag be dag. And you be the person you want to be.

I'm happy with me. Hell, I'm proud of me.

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