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Samantha Bee - Time For One Last (And First) Obama Hit Piece

Nephelimdream (Member Profile)

Nephelimdream (Member Profile)

Retro Report - The Back Story on Trump and Vaccines

SNL - Cold Open 01/14/2017

SNL - Donald Trump Press Conference

nanrod (Member Profile)

PlayhousePals says...

Yeah ... I can relate! My big two were "Do you want one great present or two regular presents" [ugg] and, when I started going to school, I was one of the older kids in class. I was bored to tears, could have skipped the fourth grade [my parents wouldn't allow it] and could have graduated high school in the middle of my junior year [also not allowed]. By that point I had no desire to pursue higher education and moved out of the house while my parents were on vacation the summer I graduated HS. It would have been a knockdown drag on to even broach the subject [not so] Good Times

nanrod said:

Thanks for the sentiments but it's hard to have anything but a quiet day when even your own family is partied out after the holidays and your birthday always seems to be the first day back to school or work. I shouldn't whine, December 23 probably isn't the best time for a birthday either, and on the bright side I was the New Years Baby.

Samantha Bee - Time For One Last (And First) Obama Hit Piece

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newtboy (Member Profile)

PlayhousePals says...

I don't think I ever watched it either ... but I DO remember do be a "do bee" [and don't be a "don't bee"] ... of course "do bee" [do-be-do] holds a whole different meaning at my advanced age

newtboy said:

That's nice of you, but wouldn't make it less true. ;-)

I never watched romper room, even reruns, mom wasn't having it.

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