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There I Ruined It: Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (Ragtime)

S*ck My D*ck 2020

Boston Dynamics: Rise of the Dance of the Machines

Boston Dynamics Dancing Robots

Why was Biden's win calculated to be ONE IN A QUADRILLION?

Tom Cruise lights up M.I. crew for breaking Covid rules

w1ndex says...

It's no Glengarry Glen Ross 'coffee's for closers' speech but it's pretty good and he has good points, a bit passionate.

What if We Nuke the Moon?

Donald Trumps Christmas story about reindeers and elections

Why did you poke the frog?

Arecibo Observatory:Views during the collapse & pre-collapse

w1ndex says...

This makes me sad. I hope a new one can be built but they were having trouble even getting the funds to repair it along with everything else going on there. I remember watching something on PBS about this in the '80s and it and NASA had me hooked on all things space-related. I almost chose astronomy as my major in college, sorta wouldn't mind going back for it, space still intrigues me.

POV getting pounded by waves at Nazare

Veritasium | Asteroids: Earth's Biggest Threat

Snake Dick

I can't walk past this snake...

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