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True Facts: Trap Jaw Ants

True Facts: Trap Jaw Ants

w1ndex says...

I was at work and I saw that this came out and I thought to myself, I hope ant gets to sift it lol.

"Are You Religious Young Man?"

w1ndex says...

She really puts in some work on her stream, does an excellent job almost always a fun watch.

Man kick a bear in the balls

Two pigeons push another pigeon onto train tracks

SpaceX Starship Test Flight | SN10 sticks the landing

w1ndex says...

Hell, it stuck the landing though, I'm sure another one or 2 will blow up as well. Still another step, fun *quality watch.


Sounds of the Mandelbrot Set

Cop Rock - Baby Merchant

The Bachelor but with monkeys

w1ndex says...

I had a feeling this would get sifted, a good video, probably could sift all of his Joel's videos they're all pretty funny.

Froggy Fresh - Good Guy Shoes

Pickup Truck Flies Off Overpass

w1ndex says...

This needs a voiceover by Waylon Jennings, the Duke boys are in some gal dang trouble.

Fully Unwrapped - Frank's Red Hot

Reusable hand warmers that get hot by freezing

Reusable hand warmers that get hot by freezing

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