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Eye - Optical illusion that causes natural hallucination

spoco2 says...

Did exactly what I thought it was going to do... and no, you don't need to 'read aloud' the letters.

I actually prefer the effect it gives while you're looking at it moreso than what happens afterwards.

Gorilla Pranks Zoo Workers

spoco2 says...

The calm gathering of the clod of earth is what got me... the casual "Dum de dum... let's just get this bit... no here? Ahh, this bit's good, a bit more... Lovely."

Professor Richard Dawkins - "What if you're wrong?"

spoco2 says...

Dawkins shits me these days. He's a man almost entirely devoid of humour and does not have the temperament to face people with opposing viewpoints to himself.

I recently watched him be interviewed by Australia's own Andrew Denton, and my god did Dawkins come across as a humourless dick.

I hate that he is so much the face of atheism these days, because he doesn't show the humanity of it well at all. I MUCH prefer Neil deGrasse Tyson, because he is a man of humour, of wit, of charm. All of which I think Dawkins lacks.

He just makes me cringe now.

Very Unusual Chocolate Exhibit...wait for it....

spoco2 says...

They have the exact same concept at ACMI (Australia Centre for the moving Image) in Melbourne too... And my phone captured it much better than this guys one did

It's awesome

4 PBS Superheroes Are Back To Take On Shitty Television

Secrets From The Potato Chip Factory

spoco2 says...

I just don't get the complaint that automation has put people out of jobs.

You've taken shitty, menial, repetitive jobs and made them automated... like they should be.

In an ideal world, the people who used to do shitty jobs like that should be better educated and skilled and be able to do more fulfilling jobs.

Sure it doesn't always happen like that, but decrying the lack of mind numbing jobs that are better handled by automated procedures is really setting a fucking low bar on what you think quality of life should be.

Complain about the lack of education that leaves droves of people with no skills to be able to do meaningful work.

Louis CK - Of Course But Maybe

spoco2 says...

I love how he points out the horribleness of the conditions of those that make the iPhone and the ridiculousness of what we're getting in return for their suffering... while holding his iPhone.

I mean that truly, I do love that Louis never tries to be holier than thou when pointing these things out, he's always ready to demonstrate that he's as bad, or worse, than the next guy.

Love it.

Turkish Television Show Forgets To Add C.G.I. Effects.

spoco2 says...

To be fair they probably went "Hey, if they can't be bothered acting at least half decently, why the hell should we go to the effort of doing effects?"

Customer Service In Japan . . . Wait for it

Review - Far Cry 3. Best reviewer since Zero Punctuation

This Harlem Shake video is going to get removed soon!

spoco2 says...

Oh look, a porn company advertising by putting naked porn actresses on youtube in the style of a current viral vid trope.

Yeah, downvote this crap.

Japanese Condom Ice Cream

spoco2 says...

Man, some insane product designer wanted a way to get 'that result' in a product that could be put in grocery stores.

Well bravo sir, you succeeded. You sick and twisted man.

Baby Survives Plane Crash in Dad's Arms

Cactus Bodyslamming: Acupuncture for Idiots


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