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"Karma is a bitch" - The Latest Weird Chinese Meme

Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock

shagen454 says...

I remember seeing on the sift not too long ago an After Effects presentation on some magic they have in the next version which completely removed some element in a moving shot with birds and shit all around it with ease. This sort of thing will be the norm in no time.

Motorboat does impression of Killer Whale in the wild

PUBG in Real Life

Joe Arpaio Learn His Pardon Was An Admission Of Guilt

Kid Doles Out Life Advice For Mom

Stephen Bites Into The Juicy New Trump Book

shagen454 jokingly says...

A fastfood cheeseburger... orangey yellow tongue with a little bit of burnt shit in the middle, surrounded by orangey sponge. With a blonde wig on the top to make it look more like himself; he'd bang that shit, 9/10.

The Raw, Terrifying Power Of A Mudslide

The Hell Hole - Dropping Maltovs into a DEEP Hole

Drug Wakes Up Woman In A Coma After 2 Years

Star Citizen 3.0 - First Hour in - 4K Ultra Widescreen

Bitcoin Is Super Safe, Not Insane Thing to Invest In

shagen454 says...

I bought 32 bitcoins throughout 2012. Now worth close to half a mil. I bought about 4 or 5 grams of DMT over the next two years... each 20 mg of DMT - in my mind - is worth at least $1,000,000. Regardless, even when I started putting money in, there was serious paranoia about the volatility that exists today but isn't as bad as it was back then. You could not trust any of the bitcoin banks or markets back then. A lot of them would just close down and take off with your motherfucking bitcoins, a lot of them would get hacked or say they got hacked, so I always just wanted to get the money transferred out of the bank to a market and released to a trustworthy vendor as fast as possible. So, if you're thinking woulda coulda shoulda - you too probably wouldnah. That on top of the fact that bitcoin transactions took dayyyyssss sometimes, it was fucking slow and a lot of it was through cold hard cash not debit/credit cards...

How Not to Do Brownies

shagen454 jokingly says...

Hey Newt,

Don't you live in NorCal around some of the dankest buds on Earth, where it's integrated into the culture heavily? Nah, you couldn't possibly have a clue about the range of experiences that edibles induce....

newtboy said:

So much wrong.

Reality is not subjective. That's insane. Your perception of reality is subjective, but only if you aren't careful.


Mental defect doesn't mean mental illness. It means your brain chemistry might be abnormal and react abnormally to drugs. Parkinson's isn't considered mental illness for example.

This story was about him stupidly taking totally unknown drugs from unknown sources, why on earth are your panties in such a bunch because I stated the obvious, that this is not a normal marijuana overdose experience?

Pretty weak, bro.
(You've already been chastised for the silly name calling)

SpaceX Iridium 4 Launch from Alhambra, CA

shagen454 says...

In Arizona, I was heading home, last day of work for 2 weeks... stopped at the the organic food store, somehow glanced behind me and noticed that the night sky was getting tore/lit up. Pulled out my phone cam started filming it while someone asked me "what is that?" I jokingly said it's a UFO, then I said it was a comet - but no shit I swear that a lot of people were thinking in the back of their minds - "WTF, North Korea about to start some SERIOUS SHIT!" lol

How Not to Do Brownies

shagen454 says...

Yeah, that doesn't sound like weed. No doubt, edibles can be powerful and I've definitely eaten some high doses that resulted in near inability to move & audio hallucinations/distortions. But, this sounds like he went through what they call ego-death, which is reliably found in moderate to high doses of psychedelics - "geometries from other Universes", in the void remembering that you had only dreamed that you were a human alongside extreme time dilation that feel infinite or like an eternity - are dead giveaways (pardon the pun). DMT is the best, of course. Get's one there in seconds and back in 10 minutes... instead of hours and hours....

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