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EGO DEATH - The Art of Ritualized Surrender

Can You Overdose on Vitamins? #Vitamania

shagen454 says...

Yes you can. I know because I really liked those gummy bear vitamins, so tasty mmmm and had to look it up (they are potentially dangerous if you eat em like candy).

Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

shagen454 says...

Looks incredible. Looks like it could be one of the best games since Witcher 3, definitely hope it doesn't take them years to finish the PC version.

Opossums Enjoying Bananas

Ant Stealing Diamond

DNA Animations

What is a fractal?

Passionate Sign Language Interpreter At Slayer Show

And that's why I can't wash my Jeep

Leftists Will Carry Out Targeted Killings Of Republicans

CYBERPUNK 2077 Trailer


shagen454 says...

Off topic, but if you like this retro style Tron sort of stuff in video games and rhythm games - you might like the game Thumper.

It's almost like Tron meets a Tim Burton psychedelic nightmare to the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack. It's pretty brutal but when it clicks it's awesome.

Most vocals you hear are fake

shagen454 says...

Yeah I completely disagree with performance. I'm all about well recorded albums. I couldn't give a shit if it can be performed live, they don't call it "recording arts" for no reason, recording/ mixing/ engineering is an art! Look at My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" - an album that is highly regarded and cost so much to engineer that it put a well known record label out of business. It took them 20 years or so to be able to perform that album live.

lucky760 said:

Interesting, but his whole premise is "the purpose of a song is to be performed," and that's a rather subjective, and I'd argue invalid, statement.

My natural reaction to all of this is: "So what?"

The purpose of a song isn't to be performed live, it's to make money through entertaining, and the purpose of performing live isn't to sing identically to a recording, but to make money through entertaining.

Bird: 1 Cat: 0


shagen454 says...

My pops had a motorcycle and got into an accident getting onto the freeway - supposedly wasn't even going that fast but took off all of the skin on his side. Can't believe this guy didn't get massively wrecked somewhere in there (and in good spirits directly afterwards)!

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