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Biker Falls Into Cactus Bush

Officer Singh kills Margarita Brooks during wellness check

shagen454 says...

I mean, if he wanted to scare the dog off and had to use the gun to do it, how about shooting one round into the ground? Seems pretty obvious that this guy shouldn't have had a gun at all and as such the people in charge of this one week rookie should get charges too.


Purple River Flowing In Scotland

Arizona Cop Gets Flustered When Questioned at Station

Rogue Waves Queens Bath

Dolores Park, Hill Bomb 2019

shagen454 says...

Hah, that park was like my second home when I lived in SF. 4th of July is crazy in Dolores. Glad to see it hasn't been completely taken over by Zuckerberg's reptilian entourage.

Cats getting brain freeze.

What Drunks See

MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

shagen454 says...

I work with Indigenous tribes & Indigenous activist groups throughout the west and midwest, everyday. They can be confrontational, no doubt. But, I also don't actually fault these brats. They just remind me of all of the jock ass ignorant privileged scum I grew up with in PA being confronted with something they aren't prepared for.

Not to mention the fact that we are now fully in a digital age of Google algorithms that basically give a person exactly what they are looking for and nothing else (an internet search used to be research in the 90's, siphoning through a lot of info). People are growing up in very insular bubbles; and ignorance breeds from that. One should also fault the educational system; but in a place like Kentucky, I'd imagine the social media bubble is fueling these kids' education more than their public schools are; there's always college (hopefully).

The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics

Kurzgesagt - Is Organic Food Really Better or is It a Scam?

shagen454 says...

I grew up in Amish country in PA and I know for a fact that all of those pesticides that the Amish aren't using (they use them) ended up polluting the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. General manure runoff is a problem as well.

Regardless, of organic or not - many problems crop up out here in the West in the form of water consumption. Obviously, we don't have much water to spare - but CA is always taking more and more water to grow crops that require enormous amounts of water, like avocados. One avocado takes about 18.5 gallons of water to grow - that said, an average american shower costs about as much a day if it's 8 minutes long (17.5); which I also see as a problem. Not to mention that CA also produces a shit ton of America's beef (#4). 80% of all of CA (which is like a country) water use is agricultural. I just think that CA (it might all burn to the ground anyway) needs to stop supporting the grocery needs of america (spread it out!) and stop wasting so much water that a lot of other states in the west need. It's a whole other Chinatown film that should be created to represent what is going on.

Pilot Lands On Highway To Take A Pee Break

Indonesian Tsunami Hits Concert

shagen454 says...

That is one of the most anxiety inducing & terrifying things I have ever seen. But, hopefully after those maximal 3D show effects hit the crowd the Universe found an even better place for em.

Monsoon V

shagen454 says...

Yeah people are moronic about flooding during monsoons, that's why we in Arizona have a "stupid motorist" law that charges them for their own rescue.

Not only a month ago I was driving back to AZ from San Diego and it was pouring the whole way back. Got back to Tucson and it was cold and clouds everywhere. Next day decided to go to this awesome canyon because I knew there would be water and after a rain like that the Sonoran desert becomes gloriously green. Basically the whole canyon park is split by a wash that turns into a raging river and on this occasion the water was flooding over all of the bridges essentially making half the canyon park inaccessible.

Then, out of the blue comes this young guy walking super fast holding his two daughters' hands, began to cross the flooded bridge, the water was about two feet deep but it was moving fast. Luckily, a park ranger stopped him, but those two little kids probably would have been swept away and drowned. Later, on we saw a rescue heli go up and saw on the news that someone had been swept away because they tried to cross.

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