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Very Cool Bicycle Wheel Animations

Miss USA 2011 — Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible for Gotham

Ambulance, gets hit by car, crashes, and flips over

mkknyr says...

>> ^ForgedReality:

I love how the stupid fucking idiot woman turns INTO the ambulance because she was probably doing her fucking nails or something, and then.. THEN... She leaves her fucking car in the middle of the fucking intersection and GETS OUT and starts walking around like a god damn motherfucking dipshit.
Seriously, how do people like this have licenses? It fucking pisses me off. $10 says she's asian too. No that's not a racist remark, it is a statistical one.

Rule of thumb: usually if you have to disclaim a statement by saying it isn't racist, IT IS. The driver isn't even a woman. If you watch the video, you'll see the driver run with a limp toward the ambulance and you can clearly see that it is a white male. Where are your brainless statistics now? Open your eyes before you open your mouth next time.

You're the same idiot who said Obama will be the first and last black president because of his reported abuse of war powers. How exactly do either of these videos have to do with your racist projections? Is that really the first factor that comes into your head when analyzing a situation -- "duhhhh, how can this be blamed on colored people?" I dunno if you're trying to be funny, but your comments are neither humorous nor clever. You should try and forge a different reality for yourself, because you really only serve to alienate yourself from the majority of your fellow humans, especially the intelligent ones.

PS. I will take cash or check for that $10.

Obama's Unprecedented War Powers Claims

mkknyr says...

>> ^longde:

I thought our engagement was supporting our NATO allies with fuel and such, and sending in unmanned drones to do reconnisance and bombing. Does that rise to the level of a war? We must be at war with half the planet, then.

Yes, we must be...

The Office Recut as an 80's Sitcom

First World Problems

Mexnyan Cat

The Greatest Best Wedding Proposal of All Time Ever Forever

mkknyr says...

I couldn't finish.... it was too long and filled with trite every day moments to get passed the halfway mark. Sure she loved it, but I don't see why it has to be on the Internet for EVERYONE.

Beetle eats a fucking TOAD - Damn nature you scary!

I Want to Lose My Virginity, But I'm Scared...

mkknyr says...

>> ^shinyblurry:

What Dan Savage does isn't sex. It's consensual sodomy. Thats part of what evil does is redefine the meanings of things. The love that two gay men have for eachother is not beautiful, it is repulsive. God does not approve of their union, and they should never be married. What they love is sin, and sin is not beautiful. It is an abomination before the Lord..

did god create monkeys? did god create frogs? can these animals sin?

60 Minutes: Christopher Hitchens, still outrageous 03/06/11

Charlie Sheen tries to outcrazy Alex Jones

Unintended side effects of increased flight security

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