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messenger says...

I think there's room for debate about whether the policy was unevenly applied, but either way, it's an abuse of power. Goodyear should even be able to openly advocate for Biden without fearing the President would start a boycott.

The room for debate part:
Obviously MAGA hats are campaigning, and so is By/Bye Don 2020 clothing, and both should be disallowed according to the Goodyear policy.

The Black Lives Matter organization has policies for the defunding of police and other things that aren't directly opposing racism. So, however political Blue Lives Matter is, it's as political as Black Lives Matter in that regard, and either both should be allowed or both disallowed. Yet the image that jesus linked to above shows Blue Lives Matter as "Unacceptable".

newtboy said:

Good point....but there's also the fact that it wasn't unevenly applied, he's comparing apples and durian fruit. ^

Also, I guess their position is that this means any company that won't allow Bye Don 2020 hats at work needs to burn, right? My Pillow, I'm looking at you.

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messenger says...

Does a private company's enforcing an internal policy unevenly warrant the President trying to shut it down?

Jesusismypilot said:

"Goodyear Tire made the unforgivable mistake of applying it's long term policy of no political statements on clothing allowed at work without making an exception for Maga hats."

Nice lie.

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messenger says...

I lived in Turkey for four years, and after a while I noticed that Turks didn't respond well to my smiling. They didn't understand it as a friendly signal, and it actually caused friction. I never asked about it, but I somehow caught on that they thought I was stupid. I thought about it, and it made perfect sense to me that it was stupid to smile at things that shouldn't make you happy.

So I stopped smiling in stores and restaurants, with coworkers, and even with Turkish friends. My interactions with people improved noticeably.

After four years, I moved back to Canada, where I continued not smiling for no reason. I've never been able to get back into the habit. I just feel stupid and unnatural smiling for no reason. People smile at me just because they see me, and they smile politely. I can't smile back. I just raise my eyebrows.

People now tell me constantly that I'm too sad, that I should smile more that I'm not happy. Now, there's some truth to that -- I do suffer from depression -- but that predates living in Turkey and it's only since then that anyone's accused me of being sad, or even noticed that I don't smile as much as I should. I've had to train my friends out of referring to me as grumpy.

My job is teaching English as a Second Language to students from all over the world. My Western students -- particularly the Latinos -- tell me daily (literally) that I don't smile enough. My East Asian and Eastern European students have never said a word in that direction. I just realized the divide now after watching this video.

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messenger says...

I thought the noise was a noisemaker to attract attention in case the user was incapacitated.

Guess you have to deploy it before you go under or it'll just get filled with snow.

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