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Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk

Ants building "bridge" to attack wasp nest

jimnms says...

How did they get over to the wasp nest? At first I thought maybe they went to the ground and walked up the wall, but at the end, that wall looks pretty far away.

Rapid Bridge Replacement

Aston Martin V8 Cygnet

Will This Trick Your Ears?

What Violent Video Games Teach Our Kids

Car pulls out of rest area without looking

jimnms says...

The dash cam is mounted in the center of the window so it has a much better view than the driver. The driver is sitting farther back and on the left side, and probably couldn't see the car until it was too late because there is a structural pillar and a mirror blocking the drivers view on the front left side where the car came from.

AeroMechanical said:

To me, this looks very much a case of poor driving all around. The truck driver obviously wasn't paying attention to the on-ramp. He had six seconds to react and did nothing to avoid a collision for five of them. I imagine the letter of the law says that it's the merging car's responsibility to merge safely, but if you're driving in the outside lane past an on-ramp, you ought to be watching for merging traffic. Just having the right-of-way doesn't excuse you from being vigilant about avoiding accidents.

Conductor scares two girls who were walking on the tracks

Turkish T129 ATAK helicopters conducting a drill

jimnms says...

Afghanistan has a pretty damn good track record of fighting off larger military invaders while being equipped with lower tech firepower.

It almost sounds like you are arguing for allowing civilians to have access to equivalent military weaponry so we can stand a chance if our government goes rogue.

newtboy said:

That makes the argument entirely without merit once you admit they are useless against governments, who have armies, tanks, aircraft, armed drones, missiles, and far more.

Modern warfare is just not winnable by civilians....particularly here in America. The only possible way to win is convince the military to not fight you, and using guns against them makes that impossible.

Fans react to Black Panther poster

jimnms says...

Why are people over reacting about this movie? This isn't the first black superhero movie, nor the first movie with a mostly all black cast.

Full Frontal - What's Happening to Tangier Island

jimnms says...

When someone asks you if you believe we evolved from apes, the correct answer is "I believe in evolution, but we did not evolve from apes, only an idiot would believe that about evolution."

The environmental cost of free two-day shipping

jimnms says...

Amazon has an option on checkout to ship your stuff in fewer packages. I always check that box, but they still ship my shit in several boxes from several places.

Not the slinky i remember

That's How A Real Driver Backs Up His Trailer!

jimnms says...

There are drones that can automatically follow you. I have a friend that has one that he uses to record himself off-roading. You tell it what to lock on to, and it tracks that object.

RFlagg said:

So... is he flying a drone while he backs in?

That's How A Real Driver Backs Up His Trailer!

jimnms says...

I believe you're supposed to pull truck and trailer around and line up so that you're backing straight in where you can see on both sides, which makes is safer.

Khufu said:

not sure I get this... how else would you do it?

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