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Full Frontal - What's Happening to Tangier Island

jimnms says...

When someone asks you if you believe we evolved from apes, the correct answer is "I believe in evolution, but we did not evolve from apes, only an idiot would believe that about evolution."

The environmental cost of free two-day shipping

jimnms says...

Amazon has an option on checkout to ship your stuff in fewer packages. I always check that box, but they still ship my shit in several boxes from several places.

Not the slinky i remember

That's How A Real Driver Backs Up His Trailer!

jimnms says...

There are drones that can automatically follow you. I have a friend that has one that he uses to record himself off-roading. You tell it what to lock on to, and it tracks that object.

RFlagg said:

So... is he flying a drone while he backs in?

That's How A Real Driver Backs Up His Trailer!

jimnms says...

I believe you're supposed to pull truck and trailer around and line up so that you're backing straight in where you can see on both sides, which makes is safer.

Khufu said:

not sure I get this... how else would you do it?

Vox explains bump stocks

jimnms says...

Does it bother any one else to hear politicians and news reporters incorrectly calling things "machine guns," "assault rifles" and "clips?" It makes them look ignorant, just like watching Fox News report on anything scientific.

Machine guns are primarily support weapons for sustained automatic fire. They usually have an active or passive cooling mechanism to prevent the barrel from overheating during sustained fire.

An assault rifle is a rifle which has a select fire mechanism that allows it to switch from semi-auto to burst or full automatic fire. An assault rifle can overheat if fired fully automatic (or even semi-automatic) without letting it cool, which can lead to failure of the weapon (if you can even hold on to it when it's that hot).

A magazine is simply something that holds bullets. Guns can have internal magazines or external detachable magazines. A clip is a mechanism used to load bullets into a magazine.

That's How A Real Driver Backs Up His Trailer!

John Oliver - Taxpayer-Funded Private Jet Flights

Driving A 5 Ton Truck Through Flooded Streets

jimnms says...

That guy sounds like Scooter from Borderlands. I hope when they rescued people he yelled "Catch a Riiiiide!"

The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers

jimnms says...

I had flashbacks of that video's comments when I saw that this video was about the Monty Hall problem. enfathom never did come back.

CrushBug said:

Everyone should read the comments on the video linked from eric here. This was posted about 10 years ago, and a poor VS user by the name of "enfathom" made the typical error (just as I did), but then dug in on being wrong.

I read those comments to this day, and I still laugh at the whole thread.

Ten Things We Wish We'd Known Before We Went Off Grid

Dog Advertising Burger Bar In China

Motorcycle Drives Off Cliff

jimnms says...

"After this near death experience he says he'll never get on another motorcycle."

The motorcycle isn't what almost killed him, driving like an ass did.

Helicopter Rescue Accident

jimnms says...

It has a fan driven by the main gearbox. It's pretty rare for those to fail, but does spin like it lost control of yaw though. My first thought was since it's landing so close to the edge of that cliff, if the wind is moving from the right to left, there is going to be a big updraft coming over the cliff.

Watching it again, it looks like the pilot is having to fight some wind and seems to be having trouble keeping it down. Between 40-45 seconds, it looks like the wind changes as the helicopter appears to lift up and weather-vane into the wind just before losing control.

I found this video which is in German. If the Google auto-translate isn't too off, it says the cause is still unknown, but whoever they're interviewing at the end speculates that the helicopter was too heavy for the altitude it was operating at.

SFOGuy said:

Cool pick up! But, doesn't NOTAR have a rotor IN the boom? Driving the ducted air that triggers the Coanda effect?

Helicopter Rescue Accident

jimnms says...

That looks like an MD-900, which is a NOTAR, meaning it doesn't have a tail rotor.

SFOGuy said:

What happened? Bad luck with a tail rotor failure? Gust that caught and swung it? Looked like the pilot lost tail rotor authority slowly and it started to rotate and he did the smart thing; grounded it.

or I'm completely wrong.

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