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Tex Murphy: Project Fedora

Tex Murphy: Project Fedora

cybrbeast says...

I loved the original Tex Murphy games, they were so unique and still unsurpassed in terms of story telling IMO. I just bought the Pandora Directive from GOG, it still holds up pretty well. I hope their Kickstarter makes it, I'd really love another adventure.


Limmy's Show – Laptop Sketch

The Netherlands From Up High - From Our Very Own cybrbeast

Vihart - Angle-a-trons

Zero Punctuation: Dead Island

cybrbeast says...

Also I think it's a bit strange that you can repair weapons by applying large amounts of cash
Would be more reasonable if you'd repair them with spare parts or junk metal/electronics.

Smoker's Lungs - scary!

(How to) Stop Procrastinating

cybrbeast says...

>> ^spoco2:

And once that's done the new things to see and read etc. are pretty much all gone (and being on Austalian time, and most of the stuff coming out while I'm asleep, it doesn't drip feed that fast during the day) then I can really get stuck into work...

It's a good thing you haven't discovered Reddit then

More Skyrim Gameplay Footage

cybrbeast says...

>> ^Ryjkyj:

Hey, to me that's actually good news. Not that I play on consoles, just that I won't have to update my system.

This is not always true. Many times games are ported from the consoles very inefficiently thereby requiring a high end rig for mediocre graphics.

QI - The Saddest Song

Art table milled from a 400kg slab of aluminium

Art table milled from a 400kg slab of aluminium

Art table milled from a 400kg slab of aluminium

cybrbeast says...

As opposed to the refinement of aluminum from ore, the recycling of aluminum is quite efficient, so it's not that wasteful. Also it's for an art piece.

Was Michelangelo wasteful of the beautiful marble slab when he sculpted David?

What it's like to take 30 hits of LSD

cybrbeast says...

You guys know about the thumbprint initiation? It's where someone takes a few hundred doses of LSD crystal. Very impressive stories here:

Usually the person is deemed ready by those who can tell.They are taken care of before and after the print by the family, this may take up to a week before your functioning again. Sometimes skeptics are printed, but their reactions are usually very, very shattering. It's hard when your whole belief system explodes and the truth is revealed. You basically have to start from scratch. All those years you thought you knew the truth and God, then in a matter of minutes you find you didn't know shit, then you die. . This is all related to first prints. Repeated prints later are less traumatic and not nearlly as shattering.


It's affected me on so many different levels. Mentally it has changed my whole outlook on life and my perception of the world. Spiritually it has given me the absolute faith in eternity that can only be had from being eternity. My philosophy's are all based on my experiences. I no longer see the world as a bunch of seperate species and things, but a connected matrix of biology and energy that flows to and from a core that is the pure light of unconditional love.
Physically it's affected me in that you never come back down completely.
But why would you anyway? You can't look at the truth and then pertend you didn't see it and that it doesn't exist.
A thumbprint is a life long commitment.
As for visual activity ,it's constant. But I hardly notice it anymore.
Eternity is in the here an now. So is my life, so they constantly flow together or against each other. Meditation is key for me now.
I no longer consider my physical reality my true reality.

Shit man I can't explain this stuff Learyfan. It's just not possible.
The more I explain ,the more I need to explain what I was trying to explain
I guess you could sum it up as Robert Hunter did after his night of 250,000mcg.
"I died 1000 deaths"
Thats what it really is, death. Most people live there lives unsure about what happens when we die. Even the most devoutlly religous have anxiety about the big moment.
I don't , I welcome it. Thats how its changed me.

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