Okay Everyone, We Need To Have A Chat About Snuff & Iraq

In light of recent arguments on a certain video post: Very Powerful IED Military Video...

I feel it is high time we finally came to some sort of an agreement as to what sort of content can be allowed for Iraq/Afghanistan war videos, specifically the raw footage sort of videos as cataloged in my Vids from the Front playlist, and possibly, what our VSift standpoint on snuff is exactly.

Currently, VSift Guildines state the following:

Please do not post pornography or "snuff" films (which we define as the explicit depiction of loss of human life displayed for entertainment).
Our definition of "snuff" does include but is not exclusive to any short clip in which a human fatality occurs whether or not any victims are actually visible on camera.

All debates as to what the definition of snuff actually is aside, what I am seeking is a waiver to that last sentence in regards to footage filmed on the front lines of our 'War on Terror', i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle East locations. Much as one was granted for videos of 9-11 footage, and other such historical events such as the Challenger explosion, I feel that the footage shot by our men and women on the ground contains just as much historical merit and should be included on this site.

Not only that, but as VSift strives to be a source of alternative media, the inclusion of such videos are an important facet in this, and I, and many others, feel that it is our duty to counter the censorship and overall coddling of the war by the corporate news media. I also feel that the inclusion of these vids is not only important for those reasons, but also to open up and expand on the kind of thoughtful and intelligent discussions that I so love about this community.

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