OMG! Time to Celebrate! Gratefulmom gets her Gold-100 Star!

Thanks rasch187 for the fabulous picture! I would have let him make the post had I known he already made a pic like that! He's AWESOME! (yes, I am editing like crazy..)


Time to celebrate! VS is up and running, and Gratufulmom is sifting tons of good videos faster than you can say 'issiftbotsentient'!

She is a big fan of Grateful Dead and Phish, but in addition to music videos, she also submits cool science stuff, politics, Gordon Ramsay, TV, stand-up. I always find her sifts enjoyable.

My favorite is Supernatural- Teddy Bear Suicide clip, because I am a big fan of Supernatural too!

Also take a look at her pqueue, and give those a vote!

And like I said, just a very short time ago when she got her Gold Star, so good to have more active females here!

YAY and Congrats Gratefulmom! Keep up the good work, and start thinking about what channel you'll make. It won't take long!

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