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NVIDIA Research - AI Reconstructs Photos

hamsteralliance says...

I think one of the key things is that it was filling in the eyes with eyes. It was using completely different color eyes even and it knew where they needed to go. Content Aware only uses what's in the image, so it would just fill in that area with flesh and random bits of hair and mouth. This seems to pull from a neural network database thingymajigger.

ChaosEngine said:

That's cool, but how is it different from photoshops "content aware fill" that debuted 8 years ago?

Most vocals you hear are fake

Your Amazing Molecular Machines

The World’s Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai

hamsteralliance says...

I think the answer is that the lunch isn't made yet. They're not making their own lunch and then handing it to someone. The dudes in the video receiving lunches are already at work while their wives are at home making their lunches.

Atheist Angers Christians With Bible Verse

hamsteralliance says...

So, should women still stay silent and submissive in church?

harlequinn said:

Yes indeed! The full quote has a specific meaning: that women should stay silent in church as per the law. This was the law of the land at the time and is strange for Paul to say since he supposedly held the law (Mosaic Law) in disdain. His particular instructions were only intended for the people he was speaking to. He didn't forsee that some person would attempt, two millenium later, to apply those intructions to a foreign situation.

TLDR - the verse has been taken out of context.

Hitting the Sun is HARD

What Does YouTube Do To Your Video After You Upload It?

hamsteralliance says...

Vimeo is better, but it's still pretty low. I'd like for their bitrates to be at least double what they are right now. 4x would be ideal, but I know even 2x is asking a lot.

For instance, the "Posing and Rendering CGI Characters" video from Filmmaker IQ:

Youtube 720p - 782 kbps video (44 khz 125 kbps audio / 178MB file)
Vimeo 720p - 1,077 kbps video (48 khz 256 kbps audio / 135MB file)

Youtube 1080p - 1,474 kbps video
Vimeo 1080p - 2,545 kbps video

Also, if downloads are enabled for the video on Vimeo you can download the original file, which looks like this:

Vimeo 1080p original - 10,100 kbps video. (1.35 GB file)

ant said:

So, what's a good streaming video host then? Vimeo?

What Does YouTube Do To Your Video After You Upload It?

What Does YouTube Do To Your Video After You Upload It?

Late Sleeper? Blame Your Genes.

Never Dare A Hacker To Hack You...

hamsteralliance says...

With the second guy though...he clicked a phishing link. If he didn't click that, then what? Nothing, I presume. That's the segment I want to see, the one where the person being "hacked" does everything right, to see how the hackers get in then.

Chatbot vs. Chatbot

How do cats use their Whiskers?

science explains why rich people don't care about you

Telling Stories - The Manipulative Power of Stories

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