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There are two kinds of people, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data …. People Who Can't Tell Entomology from Etymology Bug Me in Ways I Can't Put Into Words

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siftbot says...

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noims says...

Hey, newt. I think this so often, but say it so rarely... thank you for your constant refuting of bullshit here. I often (internally) refer to you as The Sift's own attack-newt, and if you ever find yourself in Ireland I'd be honoured to get you a pint and talk shite with you for hours on end.

As you like to say over there, thank you for your service.

surfingyt says...

loser snowflake acts like loser snowflake. news at 11!

newtboy said:

What have you done now, Bob?

A hardcore Trump supporter in North Carolina has been arrested after sending death threats to a liberal fact checking group because he believed that the fact checkers were defaming Donald Trump. And then as he was being arrested by FBI agents, he then threatened to kill one of the agents, which of course has now gotten him slapped with even more charges because these individuals that support Donald Trump are just that deranged. Let me read this because this is absolutely horrifying. This is from Huff Post. Uh, the man, Steven Williams sent an email in September to progressive fact checking organization, good information Foundation, ordering members to cease and desist all defamation and slander of mega Republicans and Donald Trump. According to the complaint, this is treason an act of war, and we will treat you accordingly. He wrote, Williams allegedly also warned lethal action will be necessary if any physical detainment is attempted.

When FBI agents showed up at the door of his Stokes Tale home last month after being alerted by the fact checking organization about the threat, Williams told one of the agents, “I'm going to take you out” the complaint states, he's now been charged with threatening to kill a federal law enforcement officer.

Another MAGA terrorist outraged by facts.

This on top of the uncountable death threats to election workers over more false vote fraud accusations, including against Republican election workers, forcing many into hiding or into the protective custody of the police, all because you babies can’t accept you lost another election bigly.

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surfingyt says...

Exactly right about bewb... "bizzaro bewb" not actual bewb who somehow manages to be wrong about everything. incredible track record of incorrect and stupid.

newtboy said:

You mean away from sanity…his arrow always faces crazy. Like a wind sock that flies into the wind rather than with it

surfingyt says...

You make a good point lol! We can use bizzaro bewb as a weather vane that points towards sanity.

newtboy said:

Hey! Are you calling me a conservative?…or is reflexive partisan contrarianism proper and called for from liberals?
Are we not at the point where it’s safe to, without thinking, just take the opposite position to any “conservative” position and feel certain you are correct based on nothing more than the knowledge that the conservative position is always totally backwards and wrong?

surfingyt says...

A pillar of modern "conservatism" is reflexive partisan contrarianism.

newtboy said:

So, your guy is, once again, ripping off Republicans.

This time by “fundraising” for Hershel Walker with a scheme that quietly gives 90% of every donation to Trump, not Walker.

“Contribute any amount immediately to the Official Georgia Runoff Fundraising Goal and increase your impact by 1200%” which then auto defaults to Trump getting 90% Walker getting 10% with only a hidden link to see how it’s allocated….and the 1200% thing means they WILL try to withdraw the donation 12 times…a scheme they keep using, keep getting caught, are forced to return huge amounts of money, then they do it again.

Just like his stop the steal fundraising where 100% went into his pockets not a dime towards fighting his big lie in court.

Just like Bannon’s fake border wall charity where Bannon stole tens of millions of that money for himself and Trump pardoned him.

No amount of crime is enough for you to abandon the Cons….despite all your claims to the contrary.

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