I just watched a movie you must see.... (Blog Post)

The name of the movie is, "Let The Right One In." (or in Swedish Låt den rätte komma in) 

The movie is Swedish and was released in 2008.It was based on a book by John Ajvide Lindqvist which was titled the same.

First... I love foreign films. I like subtitles though, and this was over dubbed in English so that did take me a bit to get over. Once you're in a bit you don't notice it. Of course, if you can watch it in Swedish then I am sure that wont be an issue. I hear that they will be doing an english version early 2010 and will be directed by Matt Reeves.

It's labelled as a romantic horror, and has won many awards in several different film festivals.

The cinemoatography is beautiful and the characters are fantastic. The twomain characters are actually children, but they are fantastic actors and I was never taken away from the movie with a cutesy sort of vibe. The story is about Oskar who is 12 years old and the things he has to go through being a timid and small boy. He meets Eli and his life begins to change. 

There are so many different layers to the movie I wouldn't do it justice trying to describe it. There's the story between Eli and Oskar, Eli and another character, Oskar and his bully, Oskar and his mom.... the list goes on and on... it's more akin to real life than some very 2 dimensional movies I have seen where there is one thing going onthrough out the movie and no real aspect of reality.

 My only complaint to this movie is the editing. They have edited out some parts of the movie which were vital to understanding what the significance of some things are. I did have to look up the details onthe book to understand some things that were shown but not explained in the movie.

All in all.... I would  love for you to watch this film and tell me what you think of it. I loved it, and I want to read the book now.


Need Videos (Blog Post)

There are so many good vids out there, and I can't possibly get to them all.

Being a full time prostitute does take time.

I have playlists which I try to love tenderly, and I need your help. If you have a video that you think needs more votes (only rule is you can't post your own) post a link and let me see if it belongs in one of my playlists. This can help everybody! It helps me to be lazy and I really like that view on things.

Also let me know if you see any vids out there with "vagina" in them.

What kind of an inflatable vagina would i be if I didn't have a vagina playlist??

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