Plucky Tim


I have been unusually scarce from the Sift for the past week because of a new one that has suddenly come into our lives (DFT's and mine).  

His name is Timothy... also called Tiny Tim, Plucky Tim, Timmy Frankenbutt, etc.  He is a six-week-old kitten who was tragically attacked by a ferocious raccoon.   He is the determined runt of a litter of five who was born outside but then rescued from the clutches of a terribly mean fate. 

This is what happened.  DFT (my significant other) found out about this litter that had been rescued from outside his mother's house and we'd already had it in our heads that we would adopt one of them when they were of age.  Unfortunately, when he went out to visit and see all the kittens, he noticed that the wound on the little guy looked really bad.   He took him to the vet. not knowing what exactly we should do because he wasn't really our responsibility, and found out that the kitten was going to require quite a bit of x-rays and surgery.  He took pictures of this sweet kitten with his mama and showed them to me.  This was the first I'd learned about him (six days ago) and that this kitten had some serious injuries that would result in his death if we did nothing.  The moment I saw the picture of this poor and helpless little life that was going to be doomed, I bawled like a baby and resolved within myself that I was going to save this little guy!  

To make this long story longer, I drove out to meet this kitten and take him straight to the vet to figure out how to save him, and this awesome neighborhood Veternarian named Dr Castillo said he was willing to get it done right and quick and saving about half off of the actual cost of all the work he was doing.  The kitten is fine and recooperating, and he had to have the entirety of his tail amputated and all the infection removed and stitched up, but he is going to live, and he is going to keep his back leg that was so badly injured that he was dragging it behind him! 


I have been there with him in order to feed him his meds and vitamin drops, and to make sure he is well fed.  I have had to keep him apart from his mama, unfortunately, because she may lick his wounds and that would hinder his healing, but we found a way to let him nurse and that was by bring the mama to Timothy for supervised nursing.   

Anyways, I thought I'd share this story that I believe will have a happy ending because things are looking up.  The kitten had his much-needed surgery and he seems to be improving very gradually,  day by day.  I will find out how well he is doing when I take him to get his sutures removed in a week from today.   I will try to post pictures/ video soon so that you may all see how incredibly adorable and amazing this beautiful kitten is.  (You will see why we call him Frankenbutt!)   Hopefully  I will find a moment to upload them in this time of craaaziness.  Your positive feedback/ energy and thoughts for Timothy would be much appreciated during this emotional time.  


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