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Cavuto: How does it feel to be dismissed, CNN?

brycewi19 says...

I normally don't like jumping in to these political fights, but come on, please stop propagating the term "fake news" as a term for news you don't like versus actual fake news websites.

There's no way any of us should allow that term to enter in to the public lexicon the way Republicans are trying to co-opt it for their agenda.

Knock it off. Words have meaning. Quit redefining terms just for your own liking.

bobknight33 said:

You just bent because you you team is finally getting called out for what they are. Biased and fake .

Look Fox is bias but the other promote FAKE news at any cost. to keep their team (democrats) in power.

If Trump ran as a democrat he still would have beat Hillary but there would be no Trump sex allegations and no Trump buss tape. It would not be published.

Grow up you lost and this Trump bashing will go on for 8 years. This fake news bashing will/ has occur for any republican president. The media is biased and pushes fake news.

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brycewi19 says...

They should have put more people in this who actually enjoy Scotch and Bourbon. I think only the guy who does the Morgan Freeman impression was the only one with some experience with these drinks.

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