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kronosposeidon (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon (Member Profile)

Eric3579 Hits Galaxy! (Sift Talk Post)

blankfist says...

Sorry I'm late to this, Eric! You've always been an excellent Sifter and a great friend. So glad to see you made it! Much love.

Oritteropo hits galaxy (Sift Talk Post)

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you! (Happy Talk Post)

blankfist says...

Whoa! Late to the party!

Congrats, @eric3579! You're one of the O.G.s of Videosift! Always a *quality poster! I almost missed this, and then I'd be really sad. Keep on keeping on!

Thanks, @bareboards2 for letting me know about this. W00t!

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siftbot (Member Profile)

They singing statist carols now.

What are your thoughts on having another Upvote Everything day? (User Poll by blankfist)

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Congratulations on PlayHousePals' Ascencion (Sift Talk Post)

blankfist says...

Yes! My sockpuppet has made it galaxy!! Buckets of A$$GR@V33 for everyone!

Congrats, me! Well done!

All of #GruberGate in Two Minutes

Don't Tell Em (Obamacare version)

"Stupidity of American Voter," critical to passing Obamacare

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