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Opel P-1 - 376 Miles Per Gallon Car in 1973!

Segway Faceplant

10290 says...

Yea, I have no idea why there would be female jokes in response to a video of a bunch of females acting like complete jackasses. Just does not make sense.

Marilyn Manson vs. Bill O'Reilly

10290 says...

>> ^laura:
Read his book The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.
I think Bill O'Reily should stick to interviewing people within the reality realm of his understanding.
MM handles these things soooooooo well. I am not such a huge fan of his music, but I am a huge fan of him.

Sure but I thought both parties handled the interview well and it was at it's core, an entertaining interview and is that not what it's all about?


One of the best goalie hits ever

Bill Maher: New Rules 4/18/08

10290 says...

>> ^BicycleRepairMan:
Thank Goodness there is no god and we dont have to rate the intelligence of Jews as if they were a single entity.

That does not change the fact that Bill Maher is an idiot of the magnitude of Bill O'Rilley only from the other end of the spectrum, yet you people flock to these stupid videos of his like moths to a flame.

P.S. how do you know there is no god anyways? I mean you speak like you are all knowing yourself which to me is a huge error.

FishBulb (Member Profile)

10290 says...

Not saying he does not have a right to a comment, just saying it was a stupid one. Well within my right also. =)

CNN reporters doing their job

How do you find this many stupid people in one area?

SR-71 Blackbird extremely low fly-by (20 sec)

Bill Maher - New Rules April 11, 2008

Bill Bailey - How a Technical Failure at a U2 Gig will sound

10290 says...

>> ^Thunderhorseman1:
The "edge" could accidentally step on the bypass on the pedal to cancel his infinite guitar. Besides, who would notice anyway? Anyone who finds themselves at a U2 concert is a musical retard at some level.

Yea because everyone who does not have your musical tastes must be deemed a retard. Sounds like you are the retard here.

Real Life Line Rider

Guy Learns To Never Hit Women... The HARD Way.

The Internet PWNS "Xbox Moron" thief

Lion Attacks Woman

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